I wrote a post about KINK and then I decided I wanted to do a series. I implore you before you continue further read this Disclaimer.

I am a survivor of Early Childhood and Early Adult Sexual Abuse. This is however not the norm in the world of KINK. Not every person who engages in KINK has been abused as deeply as I – some have been abused far worse. Not everyone is a victim.

Everyone’s experience is different. I am doing this series because I believe it will help me to better understand what I have been through and the how’s and whys of the way I reacted to it.

I am by no means an expert in the field of KINK. There are millions of people around the globe who have far more experience than I. Everything I am posting here stems from my own personal experience. You should take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

I have another reason for doing this. It came to my attention several months ago that people under the age are practicing BDSM.

With Experienced partners BDSM can turn give any relationship an added slice of intensity. However with inexperienced practitioners this is a lifestyle that can irrevocably damage the psyche, let alone the physical body.

Over the next several weeks I will be publishing my thoughts on various aspects of the lifestyle. As I have said everything I learned I learned from experience. I went through several different forms of abuse before I was able to recognize the signs and extricate myself before it was too late.

If you believe your child is practicing BDSM I implore you to

  • Find a counselor who is well versed in sexual psychology. Talk to them and learn as much as you can before broaching the subject with your child. When you feel comfortable enough, take your child to the counselor. Give he or she space to talk in a safe space. No judgement should be allowed.
  • Do your own research – chances are you have kinks that you do not outwardly address. Knowing what your own kinks are will help you understand yourself sexually, physically, mentally and in some cases even spiritually.

If you are involved in KINK I implore you if you have not already please look into RACK and SSC. I will go into these over the next several weeks until then I ask you do your own research.

Anyone is welcome to comment and share their views. I will however not tolerate abuse of any kind. I am writing these thoughts down because it is a part of my personal journey. It is also my way of connecting to others who may be in abusive D/s relationships.

I hope that you will enjoy the insights I come across through writing this series. I know that I will.

Finally I would like to say, BDSM can be enlightening. It can open your mind to worlds that you didn’t know exist. If done properly, and safely it can be an amazing experience.

I hope you enjoy my offerings,

All my love,


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