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That’s how many human beings are currently living in the Country of Canada, according to World Population Review . com.

According to the 2011 census, the most common ethnic origins in Canada are: European (77%), Asian (14%), Aboriginal (4%), Black (3%), Latin American (1%), and Multi-racial (0.5%)

Each and every single one of those people sees this country from a different point of view, from a different reality. Each one of them has had a different experience while living on this planet than you or I. Each one of them will look at thirty-six million, six hundred and eighty-two, six hundred and eight problems in thirty-six million, six hundred and eighty-two, six hundred and eight different ways with just as many solutions or challenges presented.

What those numbers do not tell you, however, is that you are not wrong in the way you see the world. To you, whether you live in love or hatred, what you see as a solution to any given challenge is quite probably a correct one for you…but is it the right solution? That’s the question I think I am asking myself this week.

A few weeks ago as many of you know, my laptop died, and so for awhile I actually really enjoyed the peace and quiet, the serenity of it all.

Of not having twenty-four-seven access to the internet, that worked for about two weeks, until I became bored out of my skull. Because I am not working, I can hardly afford to get to the station once a month let alone as much as I’d like to – and yet somehow I can’t be bothered to feel sorry for myself. In all reality, I’m actually pretty lucky.

True I don’t have a laptop so I can’t write on the computer as much as I have been, but I have a phone, so I can still stay in contact with those that matter. (Like Twitter.)

I needed something though, something to keep my brain occupied, something to give me an outlet. At first, I started writing by longhand, rediscovering the art of your wrist brushing across the page as each letter flows from your fingertips into the paper itself. I really enjoy it much more than I thought I would, slow as it is, writing by hand is like greeting a long lost friend.

I also started painting, now, while it’s true I am not a truly gifted artist….it’s okay, I don’t really know how to draw so some of my designs are a little silly, I’ve enjoyed making these boxes. I’m calling them Spirit Keepers – each one will have a hand-crafted spell, a randomly chosen piece of jewellery and some other little trinkets and gifts and will hopefully sell for $45.00 per box set. I’m not doing this for money – or to buy a laptop, I thought I might consider going to art school, it’s something I’m looking at.I am selling them only because I love making them, and because if I keep them all, that might make me crazy.

I decided that I like the idea of creating something beautiful and filling it with hopes and dreams and love, before sending it off to a stranger to open not knowing what they will find inside, but hopefully ending up with a smile on their faces.

I am excited about this, but I probably will not officially start until after Christmas, because I want to make sure that each one I make is going to be something someone will really treasure. This isn’t a sales pitch though, so I’m digressing, it’s about me being happy that I found a gift I wasn’t aware I had. I found a creative outlet that I didn’t know what I needed, and yes, perhaps, I have even found a solution to my money woes. Is it the forever job? Probably not, but it’s something fun that I can do for now while I work on finding out what that is.

Here’s to a wonderful week my loves, may you find your own Spirit Keeper on your travels and be reminded that in all reality, it’s the little things that matter.

It’s those tiny moments that you think your life is over when you find your real strength is refusing to give up.

It is those moments you discover something you had no idea you needed. When you find a talent or an outlet, a personal goal that you had absolutely no plan on looking for. Those are the moments that matter.

Sending all my love,


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