Not Every Woman, wants to be fodder for your spank bank

Dear Men, I would like to preface this by saying I am completely broke - so broke I started a Patreon account that has a balance of $20.00 even, gifted by a man who has become like a father to me, with no one else biting. I woke up this morning on a lumpy bed … Continue reading Not Every Woman, wants to be fodder for your spank bank


Time to get my shit together

There was a time, long before Chris Evans existed in my mind, that I was in love with a boy named Joey Jerimiah, a handsome young man who was Canada's first famous bad boy. I got to meet him this weekend, his name is Pat Mastroianni, - and not only did I get to meet … Continue reading Time to get my shit together

Still Angry

I am struck by how angry I am - it's been awhile since I've been this angry. I am watching "The Butler" on Netflix, and I am curious as I sit here watching a man having just been shot for defending his wife against the white slave owner that raped her. Was it her fault … Continue reading Still Angry

Women Boycotting Twitter is Both Upside down and totally backwards

  Somewhere around the beginning of my thirties, I remember feeling as if somehow a switch had been flipped in my brain as if somehow I was waking up to this new person that I didn't know existed. I've  never felt anything like that, every day I wake up to some new part of myself … Continue reading Women Boycotting Twitter is Both Upside down and totally backwards

I am so damned tired

I know in comparison my life is not in shambles, I know that there are a million, hundreds of millions of people right now who are truly suffering. This doesn't make me feel any better. I am trying hard to remember that I could be in far worse circumstances. I tried hard not to engage … Continue reading I am so damned tired

The Women’s Division Gets A Much Needed Upgrade

Do you know what it is like to have Brett Hart be the man you wish was your father? I do. Many of you who have read my blog know that I have always had a fascination with WWE. I know, and many of you know, that I grew up going home every week to … Continue reading The Women’s Division Gets A Much Needed Upgrade

Soul Sisters And Bob Dylan

So some of you may find it strange to know that I've never heard Bob Dylan's music before. Oh sure I'm certain I've heard other people sing songs he has written, but I personally I have never heard any of his music. In late 2016 we lost a lot of amazing artists and I distinctly remember thinking … Continue reading Soul Sisters And Bob Dylan

Why does OJ Simpson Matter??

On the day of November 4th, 1994, I like every student of St. James Elementary and Jr. High school, I sat in my classroom (science) and listened as the Principal relayed the verdict of O.J. Simpson through the PA System. I don't know about the other kids in my science class, but I personally didn't … Continue reading Why does OJ Simpson Matter??