Time to get my shit together

There was a time, long before Chris Evans existed in my mind, that I was in love with a boy named Joey Jerimiah, a handsome young man who was Canada's first famous bad boy. I got to meet him this weekend, his name is Pat Mastroianni, - and not only did I get to meet … Continue reading Time to get my shit together


The World Needs A Miracle – I need a break

"A miracle is something that seems impossible, but happens anyway." Men in Black III Like Bree giving birth to her baby on Christmas morning before dying just a few days later from extensive cancer, even though they told her she would never live to see her child, she gave birth, she lived to see her … Continue reading The World Needs A Miracle – I need a break

Evolution of a Submissive

Today I got the chance to record another segment of "Speak Up" for CJSF radio which I am super stoked about. I was talking about Kate Winslet's Comments on Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. I don't really want to get into how I feel about what she said, because you guys will get to hear … Continue reading Evolution of a Submissive