First Annual State of Ascension

I have been working on this post, for what seems like hours but is really just shy of an hour. This is the State of Ascension, something that I never expected I would be writing. In the original post I talked a lot about my life three years ago. Three years ago I was hanging … Continue reading First Annual State of Ascension


I am so over these “Allegations”

I don't know about you guys, but I am fucking tired of waking up every day to find out that yet another person has been accused of sexual abuse. The latest is Al Franken. Franken joined the government because he said he was tired of complaining about it, he wanted to be able to create … Continue reading I am so over these “Allegations”

Time to get my shit together

There was a time, long before Chris Evans existed in my mind, that I was in love with a boy named Joey Jerimiah, a handsome young man who was Canada's first famous bad boy. I got to meet him this weekend, his name is Pat Mastroianni, - and not only did I get to meet … Continue reading Time to get my shit together

Ascension – This is my moment

When you have spent your life living with nothing but misery, it is easy to think that it will never change. Thirteen years ago, almost to the day, I was so isolated and alone, I reached into the only thing I knew and I said a prayer that the God’s would show me how life … Continue reading Ascension – This is my moment

Sweet November

It's been nearly a year since Donald J Trump became President of the United States of America. I quite literally have nothing to say about that. Okay that's a lie I have a thousand things to say about that, but it's five forty-five am and I haven't slept yet, and less than thirty minutes ago … Continue reading Sweet November

Lindsey McKeon, Mondays and Mika

Does you past dictate your future?

Dear Hollywood

The men and women of Hollywood are coming out in force and I am so proud of you. For years I have gazed upon the far reaching lights of tinsel town with envy like many others who wish they could be the next famous actress, like any of those very same dreamers however, I never … Continue reading Dear Hollywood

Here begins my harvest

I accept that no matter what we do, there will always be people who try to tear you down. There will be, no matter what you do, people who refuse to love you. No one is obligated to love someone. That is not this works. I do not love all people who are transgender. Is … Continue reading Here begins my harvest

Today I smiled, I laughed and I cried.

Today has been a strange day of people reaching out to me for advice and help and while I genuinely love the people that have come to me I just don't feel qualified. So today when I woke up to this amazing piece of advice from a woman I love and admire I woke up … Continue reading Today I smiled, I laughed and I cried.

Esoteric Thoughts: Becoming Me

I hope I never stop being fascinated with my growth. I hope I never look back bitterly but instead look back with pride at the strength, the wisdom and the lessons the universe has sent my way. Proud that I survived it, proud that even when I feel like giving up, quitting and going home … Continue reading Esoteric Thoughts: Becoming Me