Time for Faith

It has been one year and eight days since the world changed forever. We made it alive, and even though we have several weeks to go, I have faith that everything is going to be okay. For the last several weeks I have been so stressed out - I go through these stages, wondering if … Continue reading Time for Faith


Lindsey McKeon, Mondays and Mika

Does you past dictate your future?

Dear Hollywood

The men and women of Hollywood are coming out in force and I am so proud of you. For years I have gazed upon the far reaching lights of tinsel town with envy like many others who wish they could be the next famous actress, like any of those very same dreamers however, I never … Continue reading Dear Hollywood

Here begins my harvest

I accept that no matter what we do, there will always be people who try to tear you down. There will be, no matter what you do, people who refuse to love you. No one is obligated to love someone. That is not this works. I do not love all people who are transgender. Is … Continue reading Here begins my harvest

#EsotericRamblings, Ephiany, It Started with @Kesha

I had a dream this evening. I wasn't even asleep, not technically. I was walking the dog actually, and I thought about my life a bit - as I do when I take him for late night walks. It occurred to me, that I've spent the majority feeling sorry for myself, in a prison that … Continue reading #EsotericRamblings, Ephiany, It Started with @Kesha

Taylor and Emmet

I want to tell you about my friend Taylor. I met Emmet when I was about thirteen or fourteen, she lived with her mother and her baby brother. We went to Church together every Sunday and when they were there, I would take care of the kids so the adults could relax upstairs after Mass. … Continue reading Taylor and Emmet

The Women’s Division Gets A Much Needed Upgrade

Do you know what it is like to have Brett Hart be the man you wish was your father? I do. Many of you who have read my blog know that I have always had a fascination with WWE. I know, and many of you know, that I grew up going home every week to … Continue reading The Women’s Division Gets A Much Needed Upgrade

To Defeat the Alt-Right, We Must Not Become Them!

Yesterday I had the absolute privilege and honor to help represent CJSF Radio at the "Counter" Freedom of Speech Protest. While I was there, I met some truly amazing and phenomenal women, some amazing and phenomenal men. As Noelle and I - a new CJSF volunteer, joining me for her second protest ever - made … Continue reading To Defeat the Alt-Right, We Must Not Become Them!

Why does OJ Simpson Matter??

On the day of November 4th, 1994, I like every student of St. James Elementary and Jr. High school, I sat in my classroom (science) and listened as the Principal relayed the verdict of O.J. Simpson through the PA System. I don't know about the other kids in my science class, but I personally didn't … Continue reading Why does OJ Simpson Matter??