Lindsey McKeon, Mondays and Mika

Does you past dictate your future?


Dear Hollywood

The men and women of Hollywood are coming out in force and I am so proud of you. For years I have gazed upon the far reaching lights of tinsel town with envy like many others who wish they could be the next famous actress, like any of those very same dreamers however, I never … Continue reading Dear Hollywood

Taylor and Emmet

I want to tell you about my friend Taylor. I met Emmet when I was about thirteen or fourteen, she lived with her mother and her baby brother. We went to Church together every Sunday and when they were there, I would take care of the kids so the adults could relax upstairs after Mass. … Continue reading Taylor and Emmet

THIS is who I am, Angry, Bitter, Sad, Ashamed, Scared, Pissed Off.

BEFORE I BEGIN: P.S Let me clarify I think it's awesome that Amber came out and called James Woods a perverted old man - he's clearly a shit human being. But we're focusing on the wrong shit here.  I like to talk tough, I like to swear because it helps me to release the violent … Continue reading THIS is who I am, Angry, Bitter, Sad, Ashamed, Scared, Pissed Off.

I am so damned tired

I know in comparison my life is not in shambles, I know that there are a million, hundreds of millions of people right now who are truly suffering. This doesn't make me feel any better. I am trying hard to remember that I could be in far worse circumstances. I tried hard not to engage … Continue reading I am so damned tired

You Don’t What It Is Like To Be Me

This post is dedicated to Heather Heyer, who died on August 12th, 2017, standing up against Nazi Fascists in Charlottesville, Virginia. There are no words to describe the amazing woman you are. Your life was stolen far too early. May you somehow, rest in peace. - Devon         This post may offend … Continue reading You Don’t What It Is Like To Be Me