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Ascension: The Act of Rising To A Higher Level

Blood Witch

53c08455151fdb103440f9021592d650Legend has it that the first Witch ever born was the result of a rebellious Daughter of two Gods. Sif and Thor.

As legend tells is while she loved living in the home of the Gods the young Goddess Brun Matilda, Daughter of Sif and Thor wanted to walk the earth. To experience life and to surround herself with humans in order to better understand and later, lead, them better.

It was agreed she would go so long as she told no one who she was or what she was doing there. It was also agreed the powers she had so much control over in the land of the God’s would be removed to a degree. A Goddess walking the earth would be too powerful and too easily could be swayed by humans and thus controlled if she stayed too long.

The longer she stayed the lesser her powers would be. It was to all minds, a fair trade.

She left with the best of advice and tools from mother and father, a secret mission that none other was to know about.

But one did know.

Brun lived happily outside the same Viking Village for years. She made friends with wives, helped daughters learn to gather herbs and helped mother’s give birth to babies.

As the people of her village began to age they began of course to wonder why she did not. As people do when they do not know the truth behind something they let fear control their actions. They began to suspect that she was something evil and dark and unsure of her motives tried to burn her hut to the ground.

Of course being the daughter of two very Powerful Gods the hut did not burn for it was protected. The moment that the first villager tried to use his torch the fire pushed back burning his flesh head to toe.

Brun, a kind and wonderful Goddess left her hut surrounded by those trying to kill her and healed the man with a mere touch. Breaking her first promise in the process.

Now most people would thank the young Goddess and move on, but instead this only fled their fear that she had powers given to her by the devil and so since they could not kill her they did the next best thing. They Prayed.

The next night they returned and rather than try to burn the hut they took Brun from her tiny home and tied her to a stake. If they could not burn her home they would burn her.

It was her turn to pray. There was no answer from the God’s at first, not until the ropes they had used to tie her down had burned away. Yet again, without a scratch the young Goddess stepped off the pyre and stared at her neighbors – She tried to explain that she meant them no harm but of course they were too afraid to listen.

They hit her with stones and sticks and while it wouldn’t kill her, it still hurt. This time however the God’s answered and demanded she return home at once.

Exactly what they did not want to have happen is exactly what did. Rather then return home however Brun ran as far and as wide as she could escaping the persecution of her neighbors.

It didn’t matter where she ran stories of the Devil’s child followed her wherever she went. And so with every stop came a fresh need to run, to flee into the night. Far and away from these humans she’d loved and enjoyed for so many years.

It was dark when he came to her, so dark even the stars dared not shine, the moon hidden behind clouds that had neither shape nor shadow. Blacker than black the blackest night of all.

“I can save you, protect you from those that which would cause you harm” He whispered into her ear. His touch suspiciously warm to fingers so stiff she couldn’t even snap them to start a small flame. He had no form, he had no face. He had nothing but his voice and it both terrified and comforted her.

She leaned into his touch and gave him her body in return for his protection. It was a three days of pure bliss and pleasure. Giving into her most base desires and her truest wants. She told him everything this ghostly companion. This man that existed but did not exist.

He was for all intents and purposes a voice inside her head. Or so she thought.

On the morning of their third day together sun rose the world had not ended and yet he was gone.

In the place they’d made love everything around her was dead. Everything for a circular mile was dead. And so again she ran.

She ran far and she ran wide ending up in what we know now as Romania. She cried and mourned and tried to kill herself, which failed because in order for Death to take the soul of a living creature…one must be alive.

It was here that she gave birth by herself in a stream by the woods.

“Dearest Sif, my Beloved Thor hear thy voice hear thy plea.

I beg of you to come to me.

Bright your light to this place surrounded by the darkest night,

Protect my child all her life long from the Devil’s Call

And Return Home Shall I Crawl.”

It was these words that brought Sif and Thor to the place of their daughter and grand-daughter. She was a beautiful child. A Truly spectacular and beautiful child with ribbons of black curls and eyes the same color of frozen lake water not twelve feet from her birth place.

Thor and Sif contemplated what they might do. They asked for a full counsel of twelve God’s to offer advice.

“KILL HER” One said

“DESTROY HER” Said another.

“BANISH HER” Screamed a third.

“Let her live with the humans.” Said Loki softly. Both Thor and Sif stared at him as if he’d just grown a third head. “The child is innocent, why should she be punished for the actions of your daughter?”

“And what of Brun? Should she also go unpunished?” Asked a fourth member of Counsel.

“Nay” Whispered Loki into the mind of his brother Thor. “She stays here. Away from humans, away from her daughter. She swore not to intervene and yet she did. She must never be allowed again to touch the fate of a human.”

It had been decided. The child would be named Hecate and sent to live with humans under the protection of Thor himself. Quietly without a word Sif who had until now remained quiet knelt down next to her daughter stroked the babe’s left wrist gently. Her touch was warm to the cold baby and when she removed her hand a Celtic knot took the place of Sif’s Fingers.

A mother and child Knot, the first of it’s kind would mark the child’s arm and grow with her. Offering both protection and a reminder of what happens when God’s interact with humans.

And what of the child’s father? Well Loki of course Married Brun and locked her far away where only he would have access to her when he so chose, allowing her only small glimpses of their child.

Loki had no interest in his daughter except to check her progress now and then. Though it is said she looked like him, neither resembled each other in temperament.

Where Loki enjoyed life to the fullest and Brun enjoyed the company of humans,

Hecate was more careful. She let very few into her circle and passed her knowledge on to only those who could be trusted. Knowing how humans could not in fact be trusted with power and with her knowledge of the Universe Hecate devised a plan. She would pass on her knowledge to twelve daughters, and set them free into the world to do as they will – hoping they chose not to harm.

Either way they would have a choice. They could be kind and use their powers to heal, or they could hurt….they had only to follow their heart.

As she raised her daughters, yes all twelve of them she made them promise a vow to follow the Power of Three at all times.

The problem with four daughters who execlled in the same element that they were “too” powerful to exist together in one place. Fearing what they might be tempted to do with all that power Hecate split them into quartets of four. In an effort to combat this each daughter was sent off in a quartet one daughter for each of the Celestial Elements; Earth Air Fire and Water.

It is these twelve daughters that over time traveled to the four corners of the earth and spread their mother’s lessons and messages of magic and strength, wisdom and power.

She asked only that they live the best possible lives they could live and spread seeds of love and hope wherever they went. She also swore them to secrecy and made them swear they would never share their gifts with ordinary humans. They were to live by three fundamental laws;

Thou shall never mix Magic and Love  – in memory of her Mother and Father

Thou shall Never interfere in Death – In Memory of her mother Brun breaking the first promise not to interfere in human lives.

Thou shall Never use magic for personal gains. – In memory of her father using Magic to trick and abuse her mother.

These are our most sacred laws and must never be broken, for Lady Hecate may be kind and loving should you choose to follow her path but like her father her justice is swift and unrelenting.

It is said that long after Hecate left the land of the living she traveled to the Valley of the Gods, looking for her mother and forever protecting children who’ve lost their parents and new born mothers. Should you be lucky enough to find her in your path mayhaps she will share her stories with you.

Be careful what you ask for however, for Hecate gives you what you need….not always the same as what you seek.

Blessed Be and Merry Meet Merry Meet and Merry Part

Until We Meet Again

Lady Brun

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