Devon J Hall

Ascension: The Act of Rising To A Higher Level

Seven Syns, Seven Pledges



Thou Shall take pride in one’s life and accomplishments. Successes and failures for they bring thou closer to the Above. Thou shall take life lessons from every opportunity gifted and pass those life lessons on. Above all else, To Thine Own Self Be True!


Thou shall never feel envy for thou has all that thy needs to survive and to thrive. One must merely look in the mirror to see all they hold within.


Thou shall enjoy all life has to offer but never to the detriment of those around her. Thy shall always share when one can, and taken when thy needs.


Thou swear never to take that which is not offered of free sound and mind.


Thou shall never again let anger control thy mind, body or soul. Act always out of love, wisdom and strength and use the same passion anger feeds to be constructively inspiring.


Thou swears to share what one has been gifted with in order to keep the balance of good and evil. Thou shall always remember that what once is gifted can always be taken.


Thou shall remember that nothing upon this earth shall leave with us when we die except for the lessons we gained through out our life time. Spirituality above all else shall keep us healthy, happy and sane.

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