Devon claims her first memory was a vision of herself sitting outside a publishing house on a hill while holding the first printed copy of her very own book. That image has stuck with her for 33 years.

If you ask Devon about her life she’ll say “I’ve had a time. Sometimes a good time, sometimes a bad time but I’ve always no matter where I’ve been had a time.”

She’s been a victim, a survivor. As a child it was instilled in her early that as humans we must always leave the place in a better way then when we got here. She’s An artist a philanthropist, a volunteer and a voice for at risk and homeless youth and adults. A few years ago she joined up with a group called “Anonymous” and started Radio Free Voice because a man who claimed to love and adore her told her she’d fail at it. While RFV didn’t last long not only did it help Devon to find her voice again it streamed live through online radio stations in Australia, Germany and Russia with fans all over the world from Canada, to France, Paris and China.

After that she started an online group called “Skin n Bones Global” dedicated to inspiring young men and women to believe in themselves no matter their race, color, creed, nationality, size, gender, orientation or size. For awhile they even had models who have long since left high school and moved on to bigger and better things.

She’s volunteered for and worked with people from all walks of life including the Food bank, Gay Pride even the Calgary Folk Festival as a child.

It took nearly twenty years to accept herself as a person let alone a woman. This blog is devoted to not only sharing that journey but continuing her task in speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.