**HEADS UP The original Article was posted on the Sun, not NYP – not that this makes it any better** 

I am so utterly disgusted with the New York Post – and I am sure that in your pretty sparkling town in your well-known paper I’m just another blogger who’s opinion doesn’t matter but I really don’t give a fuck. I got something to say and whether or not you like it you’re gonna see it posted here.

So this morning the NYP posted this as a headline:


So curiously I read the story wondering how a consensual act such as a threesome could lead to death. Turns out the headline was misleading as hell.

“A mother-of-seven died after being left naked and bleeding in a car following a “violent sex session” with two men on a beach, a jury was told.

Lynette Daley was allegedly dragged into the ocean where Adrian Attwater, 42, is said to have tried to wash the blood from her body before calling 911”. – Jon Lockett

There is nothing about the scene these words set that is “consensual” a threesome Mr. Lockett s consensual this, however, was clearly, RAPE.

Say the word, roll it around your mouth, because it is a reality every girl and every woman lives with every fucking day.

Let me help you it’s actually spelled


R A P E 


I know it’s not a fun word to say, and it’s not a fun word to even have to think about, but could you please, put your dick away for thirty seconds and pretend that you understand what we have to go through? This poor woman is now dead, not because she had a threesome, but because she was raped and murdered by two men who tried to and I quote here “wash her body in the ocean before calling 911

To say anything less than the words RAPE and MURDER is a disservice to her life, to her memory and to every other victim who hates using the word RAPE.

We don’t use it because we like using it, we use it because we know the guilt shame and fear that are associated with the word can only be dissolved when we admit that what happened to us was in fact rape.

It takes many of us years to be able to deal with the idea of Rape, and here you are refusing to use the word because why it’s “dirty”? yeah, imagine how we feel.

None of us, not a single woman on the planet wants to admit they were raped because we are constantly left to believe that WE Did something wrong.

Here’s my favorite part of the article:


I remember my JR High Principal saying the same thing to me after my bully tried to light my hair on fire. The E X A C T SAME WORDS. The difference? We were twelve, don’t get me wrong that blonde bombshell was as evil as evil fucking incarnate but she was twelve.

These are two grown men, not boys, who knew better, who chose to let their baser instincts take over and raped, and murdered a woman. Before calling 911 they not only tried to wash the blood off themselves and the victim but then proceeded to try and burn away the evidence. You did this poor woman a disservice by saying anything less. You “mansplained” your article, taking out all the horrible words that might offend your readers.

Are you a journalist or are you a fucking putz? To me you’re a putz, you have a voice in one of the most famously world renowned (notice I don’t say respected) papers on the planet, and you chose to water down your article. You disgust me, you as a man, as a writer, as a “Journalist” (not that you deserve that title really) have done EVERY victim of rape a disservice by watering down your article.


It’s rape. Call it what it is, because calling it anything other than rape, tells every victim on the planet that THEY have something to be ashamed of. We already feel enough guilt and shame for what is done to us, we don’t need you to make us feel worse.

Watering down the word doesn’t change the reality of the situation, it just makes us feel even more ashamed. You have a voice and you HAD a chance to speak on behalf of the victim, but instead, you spoke on behalf of your paper in such a way that made it sound like Ms. Dayley did something wrong. That’s not okay. She was the victim, she IS the victim and while I don’t expect you to make a judgment on the accused until proven guilty, I do expect you to remember that language matters.

Writers especially set the tone for how the world looks at language and we have a responsibility to ensure that our words, that OUR language doesn’t cause further damage to the fight against the Normalization of things like y’know, RAPE.

The article ends with:


Here’s a hint gentlemen: If a woman is bleeding so badly you need to burn the mattress and wash her body off in the ocean, it’s probably not consensual.

You have a voice, so use it, fucking do better.


You can read the full article here.