On the day of November 4th, 1994, I like every student of St. James Elementary and Jr. High school, I sat in my classroom (science) and listened as the Principal relayed the verdict of O.J. Simpson through the PA System.

I don’t know about the other kids in my science class, but I personally didn’t understand why OJ Simpson mattered. I knew he was famous, for being an amazing football player and actor, but I really didn’t understand at that age, how someone could do the things he was accused of doing.

Years later I came to understand a lot more about what I had seen during that time. I began as I aged and matured, to understand why he had run in his white Bronco, I began to understand why so many white people thought he got off on a heinous act, and I began to understand why the Judge gave him a verdict of Not Guilty, as the 1992 riots had ripped Los Angelas apart only a short two years prior.

As I matured things began to make more sense, and at thirty-four years old I am again confused as to why this waste of human space deserves attention.

The world is waiting in anticipation of his release today on bail, and I’m confused as to why any of us are supposed to give a fuck. His own prison guard was on CNN last night saying that for the duration of his stay, Simpson paid his cellmates to clean and cook for him, with money he received through his commissary. How is this the example of a changed man?!

He was in prison for a crime he knowingly committed, he was in prison because he did a horrible thing, he held someone at gun point, and all he had to do for the last years is sit on his ass and be treated like a king, umm I’m sorry I thought prison was where you were supposed to go to pay your debt to society, through hard work, and in some (rare) cases rehabilitation.

Every time Simpson does anything, the world watches in hideous amounts of excitement, “Oh my god what is he going to do next?’. I personally don’t care – I personally thing, from one human to another, that he deserves to rot in prison, but as I know that is unlikely, at the very least he should just go away. Can we stop making abusers famous, please?

adele-25-packshotI’ve been talking about this a lot lately because it’s stuck in my craw. When Adelle released her first and brilliant album “19”, her ex-boyfriend sued her claiming that if it weren’t for him she wouldn’t be famous.

The same could be said for Nicole Brown, had it not been for OJ Simpson, she wouldn’t be famous either, pity that she had to die to reach that mountain top. The likely hood of me becoming “famous” as a writer is slim to none, and yet I can’t help but think about how the world would treat my ex-boyfriend should I reach that far into the stars. Would you commiserate with him the way people are doing with Simpson? Would you talk about how he should be forgiven and make excuses for the things he did to me the way that people do to Chris Brown or RJ Kelly?

I’m not going to apologize for thinking that men who abuse women should go away into a dark dank hole that they never return In my post from a few days ago about R Kelly I gave you guys a bunch of statistics about women and the abuse that we go through so I’m not going to do that again. What I will say however is that I find it incredibly disgusting that just a few days after R Kelly is accused of holding women against their will, we’re discussing Simpson like he is still a sports hero. He’s not, he’s nothing. He is now a man who continuously gets attention for breaking the law.

Which by the way is exactly what abuser’s want, they want the world to focus on them as if they are the only people who matter.

The worst part of this is a guard saying “I got to hang out with OJ a lot” as if that’s some kind of prize. “I can’t believe OJ Is turning on me, I never talked bad about the Juice.” Are you fucking kidding me? So now the former guards of Simpson get to become famous simply by being in the same building as he was?

Please, can someone tell me what incentive there is to stop this constant seemingly never ending whirling pool of abuse of women? Now abusers know that when they abuse and their victims make a name for themselves, it will be the abuse that people focus on. It makes me sick to my stomach; “He was looked up to by inmates and guards a like” are you serious?! Why would anyone look up to a man who lost his star after he murdered his ex-wife and her boyfriend, and committed armed robbery? What is there to look up to?: What is there t admire there? I personally don’t see anything.

Why would anyone look up to a man who lost his star after he murdered his ex-wife and her boyfriend, and committed armed robbery? What is there to look up to?: What is there t admire there? I personally don’t see anything.

You know, Rachel Thompson makes a habit of speaking for the victims and I have always tried to speak to the victims, often ignoring the way that abusers get treated but from here on out, no fucking more.

No more will I sit idly by while abusers are admired, respected and given the attention they don’t deserve while victims and survivors alike suffer flashbacks, nightmares and all the bullshit that comes with being victimized by men who don’t actually care or see anything wrong with their actions.

From here on out if you are famous and you abuse someone, I will be writing about it and I will be screaming about it until the end of time. A man who went into prison, a place that is supposed to be for punishment, and instead you end up paying someone to do your work for you, there is nothing about this, that screams “Yes, this person has made an honest effort to change the person they used to be, into someone who is fully aware and willing to take responsibility for their actions.”

OJ Simpson is scum, he wasn’t born scum, but over time he decided that he didn’t have to face the normal rules and laws that the rest of us have to follow, and until he decides to make an honest effort to recognize that his choices have affected those around him and those who once admired him in negative ways, he will remain scum.

Should OJ Simpson remain in prison? By law, that’s not my choice to make, as a human being, however? I think he should go into a hole and go away. Every time his name and face is plastered all over the news, his children are reminded that he murdered their mother, that he did so without feeling and without remorse, every time we give this disgusting waste of space any attention, we prove that we put the feelings and needs of the abusers ahead of the victims and I don’t know about you, but I’m fucking over it.

Fuck OJ Simpson and fuck every single guard that decides to use Simpson to write a book and make a name for themselves, you’re just as blood thirsty as he is, and you deserve to go into a hole and never return either.

This entire thing disgusts me and as I’ve said repeatedly, I’m over it.

landscape-1455117210-elle-nicole-brown-simpson-corbisTHIS is the face you should be remembering, the life of a beautiful woman, a mother, a soul, THIS is the life he stole, and even though he was found not guilty, we all know damn well he did it. He’s admitted to it, and he’s repeatedly shown that he sees his behavior as incredibly normal. He believes that his behavior is okay because we as a society have created a world in which abusers are consistantly and constantly given more empathy than survivors.

By law, across the board, “Innocent until proven guilty” means that we the victims and survivors have to prove our claims. It means that until proven guilty, abusers can pretend they did nothing wrong, can pretend that they are the innocent ones. Don’t you think it’s time we flip that coin?