I’ve written a Children’s Poem and it might be my very first book!

So you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much lately. The reasons for that are because of a) it’s really hard to come up with new topics every single day, but b) also this past weekend I’ve been incredibly ill.

I don’t often get my period because of my anemia, and when I do I get all the symptoms at once and it makes life really difficult.

Last night, however, I ended up taking some food to my adopted mom because I promised I would, and as sick, as I was I knew if I didn’t, she wouldn’t eat dinner.

So as we’re talking mama is complaining because she really does work hard to reach out to her kids, and yet when she needs them they never seem to be around. So I said to her “When I publish my first book, I’m going to give you some money so you can do something for yourself.”

And mama sweet as she is she turns to me and says “You know what you can do? You can pay for my burial plot.”

It took me a minute, as we were smoking a joint before I said..”Wait, what?!”

Then mama goes on to tell me that as you get older Funeral Homes begin sending you pamphlets and included in these adverts are contests you can enter to, are you ready for this? Win a burial plot. Seriously, I cannot make this shit up.

So I had to leave, and while I was laughing, it was not something that I wanted to think about. So instead I chose to go walk Mr. Sweet Face and get some fresh air, which is when I looked up at the stars and whispered the poem out loud.

Then I raced home to type it out before I forgot it, and I realized that it really was the most beautiful thing I’d ever written. It’s something I am truly proud of and I am excited to turn the poem into a book, I just do not really know how.

I am hoping to Kickstarter the book launch and I’ve already found an illustrator, (while I was writing this post actually) who literally sent EXACTLY what I wanted in order to be able to make this a reality.

I am totally excited and I cannot wait for “Where do Stars Come From” to be a reality, a book with my name on it! SO excited!

So look forward to more news about “Where do Stars come From?” by Devon J Hall, Soon!

As always, I’m sending you love, in hopes you send it to those who need it most,


Devon J Hall


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    • Thank you sister. ❤ I am pretty excited too. The illustrator is AMAY ZING. I cannot wait to show off his work. ❤

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