CJSF Radio on Burnaby Mountain


So several months ago I signed up to volunteer at CJSF Radio. The idea was that if I volunteered enough maybe I would one day get my own show.  Then me being me and getting super busy I just didn’t make time to actually go in and volunteer.

However, a Mr. Chris Yee called me a couple of weeks ago and specifically asked that I attend the CJSF AGM and I promised that I would so last night I did exactly that and it was glorious.

First and foremost I was super impressed with how professional everyone was at the meeting…you may remember it’s been about two years since I’ve been in a meeting.

So one of the topics that came up was how important Community Radio is and it got me thinking about how true that statement is.

I’ve heard a few of the shows and I absolutely love them. For instance, as I write this I am listening to Democracy Now with Amy Goodman.

I love that CJSF is done by volunteers and donations and I am really excited to get into the studio. When I first signed up it was always with the intention of having my own show, but as with all things volunteer the opportunities to learn about my obsession with radio and all the things that go into making an actual radio show.

So I’m going to ask all my friends and followers to at least once a day tune into CJSF and help support this amazing Volunteer based Community Radio.

You can check out their website here, and I can promise you there is something for everyone, whether it’s politics or music you will inevitably find something you adore.

CJSF produces everything from the amazing Hip-Hop Happens to IntraVenus with my beautiful friend Caroline and the super tall and gorgeous (and TOTALLY BRILLANT) Tiana. You can check out their full schedule here. They have shows for Men, women, artists, basically anything and everything awesome so please do support them.

It occurs to me that Community based Radio does not have to follow the same rules as mainstream radio and media because they lack the bonds and restrictions of mainstream media, which means the opinions and creativity flow freely.

There were several amazingly cool ideas that were tossed out at the AGM Last night, I won’t tell you what they are because I want you to tune in and be surprised, but I am excited to jump into the fray and participate.

So thank you to the staff and crew of CJSF for pulling me out of my comfort zone and letting me crash your party. I had the best time and I look forward to getting to know you all better. All my love,

As usual, when we are drinking together Caroline and I had a wonderful conversation about sex and sexuality, that got me thinking about who I am as a woman and as a person, and what my identity is so you can look forward to me discussing that you with you all soon.

Love you and sending you all my love,

Devon J Hall



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  1. I bookmarked the station website. I have not listened to regular commercial radio since maybe sometime in the mid 1970s, and that was a classical station in Chicago that in many ways provided a style model for NPR stations. You will, I’m sure let us know when you will be on the radio.

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