Dear Men bitching about Wonder Woman, shut the fuck up.

lynda-carter_450I cannot understand why men are so angry that a few theaters have decided to offer us women a few private showings. It makes no sense to me.

Those of you complaining about this are not the kind of men who care about women’s rights. You don’t see us as anything more than the women who breed your children, clean your homes and cook your dinner.

Women have fought, hundreds of thousands of women have fought over the generations to prove that we are just as good as men and yet we have only 1 superhero movie.

Men have the Transformers, the Xmen, even the Avengers. We have Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot is quite literally, Wonder Woman. She can kill you with one hand, while simultaneously raising her children, cooking dinner for her husband, inspiring women across the globe and oh yeah, not really giving a fuck that you dislike that we’re going to see this movie together.

Wonder Woman is for us what Football is for you. It’s our turn to sit in a theater full of strangers that we’ve never met before and watch a movie that tells littles girls everywhere, they can do anything. They can save the world.

Lebanon is so disgusted with Mrs. Gadot that they are banning the movie from their entire country. Because heaven forbid the women of your country realize that they have a power deep within themselves that could change the world. Heaven forbid they are inspired to be something more than your wives and daughters.

We as women have fought for thousands of years to have half the rights that men have. Yet we are still underpaid, our rapes go ignored, our murders go ignored. We are still far more susceptible to molestation and other heinous sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Women are still fighting to be equal to men, every fucking day. This, by the way, is coming from someone who constantly, and constantly defends your brotherhood. Daily.

I was excited to see the Transformers, X-Men and even Avengers, but I am truly without a doubt excited to see this movie in a theater full of women only.

Imagine for a moment, your wives, sisters, mothers, daughters coming together with Gal-Gadot-Wonder-Woman-Posterwomen they have never met before to share in a once in a lifetime experience. Why the hell would you take that from them? Unless you don’t want us to be inspired unless you do not think your daughters should believe they can be anything or anyone.

Gal Gadot is going to be a hero for millions of little girls around the world. Girls who will realize they can fight back, they don’t have to be kicked, beaten, raped, molested and abused and let it happen. Girls who will learn from this film that they can be anything, do anything, and that no one can stop them. Certainly not because of their gender.

Your rage, those of you angry at the ONE theater in the entire world offering women’s only viewing of this damned movie are what is wrong with the world.

Typically I wait until films come out on demand before I watch them – I have no interest in sitting in a theater with a bunch of strangers, but should I be able to find a woman’s only showing in my area, you can bet your ass I’ll be joining you girls. I’ll cry I’ll laugh I’ll scream with joy when she kicks ass.

Gal Gadot was first seen in the Fast and the Furious, where she was supposed to be tough and strong and sexy without any real depth. When I first heard it was her that was going to be Wonder Woman I admit I cried.

Because she is beautiful, but she’s also talented, strong, smart, she can defend herself and she doesn’t need a man to do it for her. Everything that I wish I was a little bit more of, Gal Gadot proves I could be. She’s the woman I always wished I could grow up into.

So as far as I’m concerned you can keep crying and moaning, but I can promise you this is the Era of the woman. It’s probably better to stand with us than it is to stand against us.

We’re not burning bra’s any more gentlemen, we’re burning down the walls you’ve built to keep us out, we are breaking the chains that you have used to keep us from reaching our full potential.

And really…….considering we out number you 3-1 on a global scale….do you really think that preventing women only showings of 1 movie is going to stop us? clearly, you haven’t been paying attention to the last three thousand years.

Love always,

Devon J Hall


3 thoughts on “Dear Men bitching about Wonder Woman, shut the fuck up.

  1. They are not angry, those men. They are frightened, but that is what they have been taught to deny. I’m trying to imagine the sheer female hormonal flood in those theaters. It boggles the male mind. Enjoy the movie to the max.

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