Rape has a new name, it’s called Ghosting


nce upon a time, like less than four months ago if I remember correctly “Ghosting” meant not calling a girl back. (Or a guy if we’re being honest.) It meant making people think that you were genuinely interested in pursuing something serious with them, right before you vanished from existence leaving behind feelings of confusion, misunderstanding and inadequacy.

It has however come to my attention that the term has, as is the way currently, evolved to mean something far more disastrous, disgusting and devastating.

Now “Ghosting” means entering into a consensual sexual interaction, and then secretly slipping the condom off.

Apparently this is such a well known phenomenon that even my bff’s ten year old son knows what it is.

Please excuse my crudeness when I ask you fine young gentlemen what the fuck is wrong with you?!

“It just feels better without a condom” Oh yeah mother fucker? remember that when she’s haunting you for money for food, or decides that she isn’t interested in raising a child you forced her to get pregnant with and dumps the poor innocent on your mother’s doorstep.

Is it going to feel good when you realize that the ten seconds it took you to cum (because let’s face it during a one night stand that’s about all it takes, am I right ladies?) was worth the eighteen years this woman now has the right to make your life a living hell for?

And yes motherfucker, if you get me pregnant because during a one night stand you decide to “slip” the condom off, I will make damned sure that every moment of those eighteen years is fucking misery for you. I will drag you into court every chance I get, I will ruin your fucking life.

“It feels good” give me a fucking break.

I can’t even begin to tell you how enraged this whole bullshit game makes me.

So because you want sex that “feels good” you decide you can’t use a condom, here’s an idea. Don’t have one night stands. They are never as great as it seems – maybe for you the guy but for the women? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong there are women who are all about sexual liberation and that’s great. If you genuinely enjoy one night stands than go for it. Have at him, but if you are anything like me I suspect you mostly just end up feeling disgusted that you lowered yourself to a drunken one night stand instead of just going home.

I can promise you this, as fun as you college guys think it is to slip off the condom as if you’re doing something naughty, it’s not gonna be so fun when you’re changing your ten billionth diaper.

A friend of mine got a woman pregnant during a one night stand several years ago. I routinely laugh at him because she’s the meanest, most manipulative and downright evil woman I’ve ever met. I laugh not because I’m cruel but because he fucking deserves it.

He fully admits the condom did slip off (without his aid) and that he decided to ignore it rather than grab another. Serves you right asshole.

It seems men are always forever going to be trying to find a way to fuck a woman over and it’s very rarely going to work in our favor. Trust, child support will not get you through the nights ladies.

That same friend I told you about, actually took the time to calculate how much he spent on his son.

Eleven Thousand Dollars.

In the first year I might add. That kid wasn’t even eating solid food yet. So yeah go ahead, slip the condom off.

If you are seriously considering the idea of “Ghosting” a woman during sex, you are an immature little twat who shouldn’t be allowed to look at a woman, much less having sex with her.

If you don’t have the brainpower to understand the problem of STD‘s and HIV, AIDS, and yes let me say it again P R E G N A N C Y you do not deserve to be having sex.

Women I will totally support and defend any of you who is “accidently” impregnated by these “Breeders” (Men who intentionally get women pregnant in order to spread their seed. Oh yeah no kidding, it’s a thing). If you need a lawyer I will go fund for you.

I do not recommend murdering these men – no I suggest that you take your time getting your revenge. Enjoy every moment of the next eighteen years, should you of course choose to keep the baby.

Have you men ever met an angry black woman? Cause I can promise you, you pull this shit on a black woman you’ll be begging the police to take you to jail.

Never fail to remind these men what disgusting horrible and deranged creatures they are. And when all else fails, call their mommies.

As for you college “Men” who are in love with this new game of yours, just remember there are more women on this earth than there are men. We’re smarter than you, we’re stronger than you, we bring you into this world and we can and will damn well make sure you regret ever pissing us off.

Just a few things to consider before you attempt “Ghosting” any more innocent college girls trying to get their lives into some semblance of successful arena.

I compiled all of these thoughts in a rather silly, if you’re too lazy (or tired or busy getting revenge) to read just click the link Here


3 thoughts on “Rape has a new name, it’s called Ghosting

  1. I remember, back in the ancient days of Usenet news groups on the World Wide Web (before Mozilla and the Internet), one or more such forums on “Men’s Issues” entirely consumed by males complaining about being forced to pay Child Support (“Oh, the cruelty of those greedy women and those nasty judges.”). Reading this, I wonder how many of them were “Ghosting” before the term acquired its new meaning. Anyway, yes, Ghosters deserve every bit of public and procedural and financial Hell they can get if their stupid game succeeds in producing offspring.

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