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I wake up today to a beautiful sunrise, actually it was after sunrise but there you have it. I wake up and I think to myself, This is my life. Wake up, try to write, fail make breakfast, try to write, fail, play some Facebook games try to write, fail, make dinner, sleep. Somewhere in between I walk the dog.

This is my life now, but it wasn’t always my life.

My life before if I am being perfectly honest was about helping other people. It was about getting up every day knowing that I would meet someone who would need to find a place to live or get off drugs. My life was knowing that with a few phone calls I could do that. I could help change a life.

Today my life has 0 meaning and I am completely lost, utterly broken in my spirit. I am bitterly…

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One thought on “Bitter

  1. I had to look at the date on the original. It seems (correct me if I’m wrong) things have improved in the year since. Still, having to see what you’ve worked on for so long simply trashed majorly sucks, and its a wound that may never quite heal when the reason is someone’s heartlessness.

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