This Election is full of Bullshit

“People are homeless because of Drug addiction and Mental Illness”

Sargy Chima

Nothing pisses me off more than people who don’t have a fucking clue as to what the hell they are talking about. Sargy Chima used to volunteer at my old workplace, which means she was surrounded by homelessness and she learned nothing. These were her words last night at the All Candidates meeting at SFU which in my humble opinion was grossly under attended.

The number 1 leading causes of homelessness is unaffordable housing. I’ve worked with people who are living in poverty, living with drug addiction and mental health issues for most of my life. Many of the people we served did have issues with mental health and drug addiction but many of them just couldn’t afford to find a place to live.

We had one woman and her husband living in our shelter all through the cold 2014 winter. By day he was working day to day construction whilst she went to school. At night they would return “home” and have dinner before leaving so she could study somewhere quiet, usually a Tim Hortons, until it was time to come back and go to bed. This went on for the better part of six months. Neither of these two people were addicted to drugs or had mental health issues, they were just trying to be safe while they bettered their lives. You won’t hear about them on the news however.

Christy Clark likes to talk about how the budget is balanced, but she won’t talk about the fact that in my neighborhood alone, ten minutes from my house 18 people overdosed last week. One of whom was a friend of mine who died just a couple of days ago.

I’ve heard no one discuss the homeless youth problem, or the fact that EVERY city in the lower mainland needs a safe shelter space for youth to run to that won’t force them to return home. I have heard no one discuss the reality on 105A street. I’ve heard plenty of bullshit about what the RCMP is saying, and I’ve talked to the people. Supposedly people are being put into recovery every day, how is that possible when we’re seeing the highest numbers of Overdosing in the history of our province?!

The old ways are not working. It’s been known for awhile that fentanyl was purposely released into the public, we’re not stupid we know this. We know that all over the world people are dying from this drug and it isn’t that the RCMP doesn’t care it’s that they are undertrained and understaffed.

We were promised a whole slew of new RCMP officers a couple of years ago – that didn’t happen, in fact it was complete bullshit. We didn’t get new officers in Surrey, BC. We got officers who did not previously have gun training who are now trained to use lethal force if necessary.

I thought I was completely mistaken when last night at the All Candidates meeting the moderator called George Gidora a member of the Communist party, I thought I was confused because the moderator seemed to choke on the word. Until I looked it up and realized now, I’d heard right. Gidora stated that “We have an entire generation of students who have fallen through the cracks of our system” sadly he isn’t wrong. He is however underestimating.

“I” fell through the cracks. Perhaps if someone had seen that something was wrong – that I was trying to kill myself on a regular basis I’d be a college grad with a degree and a trophy husband. No our educational system has been screwed up for years. It’s always been messed up and the people that needed help the most have always fallen through the cracks.

Rita Fromholt said “I can name a bunch of people who do not live in their constituencies and have been incredibly successful in their jobs” Lady if you don’t live in Surrey, BC Please do not pretend to know what it is we need. You don’t know anything about 105A or what it’s like to hear sirens every single night and wonder if someone new is dead. You have no idea what it feels like to be listening for gunshots, just in case. This isn’t a movie for us and no it’s a far cry from a place like say, Compton but it’s still a reality. Our children hear sirens every single night of their lives. Many children in Surrey, BC will never know what it is like to grow up in a city where they don’t hear sirens. That’s our sad reality.

Bruce Ralston, someone I consider a friend and ally is well informed. He lives here. His office is not far from 105A and he’s spent years working with the homeless population but even with all his experience I have to wonder if he’s really connected to the youth population. Does he understand what it is like to spend the night hiding in the woods because you didn’t make it to the train in time to go to Vancouver and find a shelter spot? If they have enough spots that is. Does he understand what it’s like to be told by your parent’s “We’re fine with the fact that you’re gay but we’re going to isolate you from your friends in hopes that straightens you up?” Yeah I’ve heard that story a few times by some of the youth I’ve had the honor of working with.

I know that Bruce Genuinely cares, I just don’t know if he’s right for the job. (Sorry Bruce.) I’ve mostly stayed quiet on politics because there is a lot that I don’t understand, but what I do know is that the one thing everyone in Surrey, British Columbia wants more than anything is an end to gang violence, an end to poverty and a new, more positive healthier reality for their children.

If Surrey is to grow and thrive than we need to focus more attention on RCMP and communities working together. We need to have days where the RCMP – and I don’t mean community cops – I mean cops who have pull, who can actually enforce change, come into our community and talk to the people that live here. Come to our BBQ’s let us have street parties, let us become the community that we were when you the adults were children. It’s time for neighbors to become friends, to stop being afraid to talk to each other.

I may not know a lot about politics but I know it is damn sure we get rid of Christy Clark because I am now more than ever convinced this woman is just as bad as Donald Trump.

She says that if you believe something you should have the guts to say it – so this is me saying it. Christy Clark isn’t just bad for British Columbia – Surrey included, she’s dangerous. She’s the reason we’re in the educational mess that we’re in and it’s time for change. I don’t know who you’re going to vote for, hell I don’t know who I’m going to vote for, but I know that it will be a cold day in hell before I vote for Christy Clark again.

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  1. Devon, you rant with the best. Sad as what you report about your candidates in BC may be, there is a perverse comfort in knowing that our neighbor to the North has some just a clueless as some of ours. After all, my Representative in our Congress is the leader of the “Freedom Caucus” and our Senator is not much better. And our North Carolina State Legislature is a partisan power grab horror story (remember the “Bathroom Bill”?).

    Every point you make on the real problems is right on.

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