PedoSexual Is not a Thing You Should Be Fighting For

You know by now that as a child I was convinced that I was going to hell, because I was sexually victimized by a man in his thirties. I was told by a Priest that it didn’t matter that I hadn’t wanted it, that I was not interested in losing my virginity, I was now tainted and was going to hell.

Now there are some people in the world that would say he was full of shit because I was just a child, a victim and no man or woman has the right to sexualize a child.

There are others however that swear by their “sexual freedom” and proclaim that they have the right to sexualize anyone they want, including a child. I was going to leave this for a Tuesday Blog post because I’ve already written one this week but now I’ve seen something that makes me feel so disgusted, so dirty that when I am done writing this post I will be going to have a shower.

I know people like to latch on to what’s cool and popular to make a name for themselves, I know people love to proclaim they speak for the LGBTQ community specifically because hey it’s the cool thing to do, see Jenner…or whatever her name is today. I don’t care, she’s not important.

Unfortunately this is something that is not going to go away if we keep our heads down, it’s going to snowball and the most vulnerable of our community are going to be harmed.

Pedo sexuality is not a thing. It’s a fucking mental disorder. It’s unnatural and it’s inhuman. It causes life long altering damage to the victims and it’s not okay. It’s not something you should be fighting for, it is something you should be busting your ass trying to destroy, decimate and eliminate.

A direct quote from their website:

So the question still stands: Should the LGBTQ movement accept pedosexuals? I think that the answer is quite obvious: Absolutely! Pedosexuals have helped achieve so much for the other sexual minority groups, that it would simply be unjust to allow them to suffer in discrimination due to hateful bigots on the right. Pedosexuals are going through what other sexual minorities went through thirty years ago, all because they were willing to take the heat so that their allies within the sexual liberation movement could move forward.

You sick disgusting manipulative full of shit cunts are not like the LGBTQ Community. You are not like us in even the slightest of ways.

I don’t typically enjoy labels but I do identify as a bisexual woman – I can honestly say I have never wanted to have sex with a child. (Despite arguments to the contrary) I’ve never looked at a child and thought disgusting horrendous thoughts, I’ve never found them sexually attractive so no you are not like me.

Attempting to align yourself with the LGBTQ community disregards everything these amazing people stood for. I can honestly say that I doubt Harvey Milk who fought harder than many others for the rights and freedoms of the LGBTQ would want to stand by your side.

You are not a warrior, you are not a savior you’re a sick disgusting pervert and you need therapy, or castration, I’m not sure which. Does my language offend you? Good.

You assuming that children who have not yet reached puberty want to be used as your sexual playthings offends me. Without asking I can tell you that it offends every member and ally of the LGBTQ movement. No human being in their right rational mind would want to put the sexual liberation of a mentally ill adult ahead of the well being of a child.

I used to think that Pedophiles who didn’t touch were okay until I realized you sick bastards still download the movies. You still buy the product, which means that somewhere in the world a child has been kidnapped, beaten, drugged and raped for your pleasure. See Lithuania and OpLithChild.

Deimante Kedyte’s father was murdered as were two lawyers and a judge because her sick twisted mother decided to sell her to the highest bidder. Videos can still be found on youtube with the Lithuanian police kidnapping her from the only safe home she ever knew. To this day those of us who fought to have her freed from her kidnappers still have no idea where she is or if she is alive. I can tell you adult pornography videos of her have been found on Redtube however.

Perhaps her life would have been different if any one person in the world with the power to do so had decided to stand up and speak for this little girl, lost to your “sexual revolution.” Fuck you.

I am going to make it my life’s mission to destroy every fucking one of you. Come and stop me I dare you. You think I’m irrelevant? You think I’m just one voice? I am going to be the loudest voice on the planet. I am going to make it my life’s work to make sure there is no crevice you can hide in.

“I” was a victim of pedophiles – I was impregnated by a pedophile. I was nearly killed by pedophiles and I even had friends who I loved and cherished that I later found out kidnapped and groomed children to be their victims. Many of whom turned into pedophiles themselves.

I used to feel sorry for you. I used to use the argument that you can’t help who you are because you were once a victim. That ship has sailed. You are now more than ever the fucking enemy and I am ready to start hunting for you again. Do I sound dramatic? Are you laughing at me? Good because the more you laugh the less you take me seriously. The less seriously you take me the more dangerous I am. OpPedoHunt didn’t slow down in my absence, it didn’t disappear it simply grew in the shadows. I have been gone for three long years but I’m back now and I am absolutely positively ready to destroy every inch of this “revolution.” Fuck you, fuck your desires and fuck your mental illness. You don’t get a pass any more.

You’re now Enemy number 1 and I am going to make sure that every person on this planet knows every last thing about you. Your name, Your addresses what you look like – it’s all public info so go ahead and try to stop me. I solemnly swear that while I gather and post this information for the world to see every step I take will be legal. There is no where you will be able to hide.

You want a revolution? You want to be able to force a child to do all the dirty disgusting things your sick twisted fuck of a mind can conjure? Fine. I’m perfectly okay with that, so long as you know that if I see you, if I find you I will make DAMN sure you can’t hide. I will make absolute certain that every person will know who to protect their children from. You wanna come out from the shadows? Go ahead. Come on out. I can promise you not one person I know or respect will make it easy for you.

I am going to make your lives a living fucking hell and I am going to laugh every second of every moment. From here on out we’re going to start our own sexual registry. There will be no more social media, there will be no more hiding in the shadows. Even hackers on the dark web don’t want you bastards.

So let me ask you this, when the shadows fill with light and there is not one saving grace, when there is no where left to hide and no sanctuary, where will you go then? With any luck, Hell. Right where you sick fucks belong.

Shall we play a game?




2 thoughts on “PedoSexual Is not a Thing You Should Be Fighting For

  1. I think that anybody who seriously proposes that “P” be added to “LGBTQ” probably needs to be investigated and likely, prosecuted. Abuse, whether sexual or otherwise is not about sexuality or a sexual orientation. Abuse of anyone, in any form, is about power, even if the exercise of that power is sexually gratifying. And, that character trying to make opposition to the sexual abuse of children into a “Left v Right” issue is just slimy.

    As a side issue, when I considered the idea of an addition to the list of initials, I did wonder if “A” for asexual might be appropriate. That too is a clearly minority group generally regarded as odd and abnormal, although not so subject to discrimination as the others.

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