A Letter to my Father Andrew, in honor of Lincoln Scott

When I was thirteen we moved to British Columbia. Just after we moved here my grandfather Ronald Hallgate bought us our first computer. It was he who patiently informed me that TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS WAS THE INTERNET EQUIVALENT OF SCREAMING AT A PERSON THREE INCHES FROM THEIR FACE.

It was a man named WARDEN however who taught me how to code my very first website. He patiently explained the difference between font tags and color tags, background and the reason that I for a brief moment in time enjoyed coding html.

It was Andrew Murn a man I had never met who sat and talked with me all hours of the night when I wanted to cry over whichever boy had broken my heart and made me cry. It was he who defended me from online bullies. And unlike many men his age he never once flirted with me or asked me for naked photos – he was a gentleman.

As people do we lost touch for a few years, but just after Facebook was created I found him and sent him a message asking if he remembered me. What luck?! He did remember me. Again Andrew was the one who responded to all of my posts, who pushed me to keep going when I was ready to give up, who supported me with all my whacky ideas and projects.

It is this man who raised his two sons alone, not because it was the right thing to do but because they were his children and the idea of walking away from them for any reason never occurred to him.

It’s Andrew who when I needed money to buy dog food after quitting my job sent me some so my pup would not starve. Andrew Murn has been more of a father to me than any man in my life, and we’ve never met. When I think about the day I get married its this man that I hope I will be able to fly out and walk me down the aisle, it is this man that I hope will I will share my Father Dance with.

I say all of these things because I want you to understand the depth to which I genuinely love and adore this man. I do not know how many other people Andrew has influenced, but I know that he’s influenced me in ways that are too numerable to count. I say all of this because for the first time in twenty years Andrew has asked for my help.

Lincoln Scott was another friend of Andrews – the Grandson of Andrew’s friend actually. He turned 2 on April 4th of this year. Sadly, Lincoln did not live more than a few days after his second birthday.

Lincoln just turned 2, on April 4th he was found in the pool unconscious and unresponsive​. His mother performed CPR until paramedics arrived.

Lincoln was hospitalized and sadly Lincoln did not survive his stay. This tiny little angel came into the lives of people I’ve never met and changed them forever. He taught these people the lessons of love and laughter and joy that they needed to know, and sooner than anyone could want, Lincoln passed on.

Even though Lincoln has left us however he had one more important job to do. After his passing, Lincoln’s family made the beautifully heart breaking decision to help save the lives of others by donating his organs.

“Lincoln gave the gift of Life to a woman by giving his kidneys . He also is giving the gift of sight and life with heart valves .”

While I and many like myself understand the devastating loss of a child, I cannot imagine making the difficult decisions that this family now has to make. Now with everything they have been through, the family is now facing a Twenty-Five thousand dollar hospital bill ($25,000) and they are in desperate need.

I am reaching out to my followers, my friends and supporters and asking you at the very least to share Lincoln’s go Fund me page. If you at all believe in angels then believe that this world has lost one. An Angel who came for a short time and yet leaves a legacy by helping to change the lives of others.

The Sacrifice of the Scott family will not be forgotten, at the very least not by me. I am truly sorry for your loss, and beyond grateful for your Grace.

Any help you can provide will mean the world to the Scott Family,

All my love

You can support Lincoln Scott’s memory by going Here.


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