Feed the soul, Not the beast

My mother, Goddess bless her soul, has never been one to entertain pity parties or self pity. I used to resent that about her, in fact I hated the fact that when I wanted to feel sorry for myself she’d roll her eyes and go back to her book listening to me with half an ear until I was finished.

It wasn’t until this morning that I got it however. There is someone, a blogger I met online that I really adored – I often showered this person in compliments telling the world that they inspired me, lifted me up and made me see things from a different perspective. I stand by that – however this same person who’s name I will not mention, also spends a great deal of time complaining about all the negative comments they receives.

This morning I decided I’m over it, I’m over surrounding myself online or off with people who do nothing but complain and throw out negativity. Who needs that crap? The world is full of negativity which is why I work so hard to avoid people, so why would I want it on my social media? I go to social media to promote my writing and connect with friends. It used to be a fun place to visit now it seems too many people are using social media to throw out every annoying horrible thing that has ever happened to them.

I’m sorry that you get negative comments but pointing it out only feeds the beast, it doesn’t feed your soul in a positive healthy way. And frankly I wish people had the guts to send me their hatred, it would be a sign that I’m doing something right. (Okay seriously though don’t send me your hatred I might cry…no really.)

So I blocked this person from my social media, I had to and I won’t apologize for it. I have an amazing support group of readers and followers – like Bob for instance. He comments on almost everything I write and even reblogs some of my stuff – it doesn’t go unnoticed. Even when he disagrees with me he says so in a respectful way.

Those that don’t support me, or do disagree with me have this amazing talent of fading away mostly because they know I won’t respond to their negative comments or their trolling. I have far too much going for me to worry about all the people that dislike me and if all you’re doing is crying about how everyone hates you then you’re pulling yourself down and me with you. No thanks, I’ve worked too hard to find my positive outlook to be dragged down into your darkness.

Now I’m sure this person will read this and I am sure this post will be another on the list of things this person has to complain about and while I am truly sorry for that, and I genuinely truly wish you the best I cannot bring myself to care.

I had a conversation with this person for over an hour once in which I was repeatedly told “I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me.” Okay well that’s awesome to hear after I tell you how much you inspire me – what you’re doing is saying “Thank you for complimenting me and looking up to me but I don’t give a fuck about you.” I don’t need that and clearly you don’t need me.

So seriously look at the people in your life, look at the ones you follow on social media and ask yourself, are they feeding your soul? Or are you feeding their beast?

All my love


2 thoughts on “Feed the soul, Not the beast

  1. Disagree with you? Oh, surely not! OK, I suppose there are times, but even so, you always give food for thought. I really like the title, “Feed The Soul, Not The Beast.” Soul feeding feels so much better, as server or eater. A line from Leonard Cohen comes to mind: “The homicidal bitchin that goes down in every kitchen to determine who will serve and who will eat.” No need for that, its a pot luck feast.

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