Fuck Creep Catchers Support #OpPedoHunt Instead!

Yup I’m saying it. I have mostly kept my mouth shut because I hadn’t met or seen them in person and I try my best to not comment unless I have first hand experience, now I do.

As mom and I were leaving wal-mart after picking up some much needed dental equipment for the pup I walk out the door to see a man being filmed by a group of people yelling and screaming and calling him names. My immediate reaction? “Oh fuck off.”

Here’s my major issue with CC and Ryan LeForge, they don’t really care about victims. They care about getting their names in the papers and becoming famous.

I flat out asked them “Why are you guys constantly in the papers?” In response I was screamed and yelled at and told to Fuck off. If you really cared about victims you’d do it anonymously as #OpPedoHunt has done for years. You will never (with the exception of myself for obvious reasons) see any supporters/defenders/members of #OpPedoHunt stepping out and talking to the press about all of the real pedophiles they help catch. There’s a reason for that, you catch more pedophiles when the papers aren’t aware of who you are.

As we were walking away one of the “Creep Catchers” was talking with my mother, while the others were swearing and yelling……at me. Are you fucking serious?!

They don’t care about the victims, they care about shaming people they perceive as pedophiles – and anyone who disagrees with them. As a repeated victim from the evil that is pedophilia I want every one of these fuckers shot and dumped in a landfill. I have no apologies for that – that being said however I don’t relish the idea of being on one of their videos because I happen to be walking by and I sure as hell do not appreciate being yelled at for asking a question.

These people do not fight for me – they do not fight for victims. It’s vigilante behavior that is going to get someone hurt, or worse killed.

More than one of my former friends has been outed as a pedophile – the right way, by the Surrey RCMP – they are not only no longer in my life, they are no longer in Surrey, and not because they have been jailed.

Pedophiles have an interesting way of “disappearing” when they are caught in Surrey. Several months ago a man who used to refer to me as his cousin was found out to have had sex with a 14 year old girl. More than one from what I was told. when I asked about it the answer was “He’s been taken care of, don’t ask about him again, you won’t see him and you won’t get an answer.”

Most assuredly we need harsher laws for pedophiles in Canada, I’ve been screaming that for years, but Creep Catchers is not helping. If anything they are hindering cases. Here’s what they don’t know.

The Surrey RCMP along with law enforcement agencies around the globe are working on not just one case, but several hundred cases at a time. Finding 1 pedophile doesn’t do shit. Finding 1 pedophile that can lead you to the rings that create the content, that kidnap rape and abuse these children while filming it for sale however can change a life.

There are well known pedophile rings that work around the globe that the Surrey RCMP as well as the FBI have been hunting for years. The real work isn’t just locking away one person who “might” be a pedophile, it’s locking away the evil bastards that create content.

OpPedoHunt works with FBI, NSA, DEA and hackers around the world to track these people not just to capture 1 person, but to capture the entire ring. THAT is helpful. Videotaping someone who might be a pedophile and then sharing that footage with the world screaming “oh my god look at us we caught one we’re heros” is not, however helpful. Not to me as a victim or a survivor and sure as fuck not to law enforcement.

When and if the supporters and hunters of #OpPedoHunt decide they need my help, advice or support I am there 100% but until I see a real difference being made by the likes of Ryan whatshisname and the rest of Creep Captures I’m not interested in supporting them, as victim, survivor or advocate.





3 thoughts on “Fuck Creep Catchers Support #OpPedoHunt Instead!

  1. When I picture that scene you encountered of organized mobbing of someone, there is an unavoidable question, “What if they are wrong?” That is another reason to let the evidence be gathered and the case prosecuted. Rumors and finger pointing by a leader bent on publicity can destroy. And, I agree that if the networks and rings that facilitate and profit from child abuse are not dismantled, both the police and the vigilantes are stuck in an endless game of whack-a-mole and the abuse goes on.

    • yes it does and sadly it is the victims (much as I myself was) who suffer when evidence is incorrectly gathered and the purp is inevitably released.

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