Nope! I’m not boycotting the USA

This afternoon while inviting some friends to my 35th birthday in Vegas I made a joke to my friend, mentor and adopted mother Jen Marchbank about how my birthday should be.

Kindly she said “Enjoy your birthday I’ll be boycotting the USA”. Now before I get into how this random very sweet tweet made me feel I need to explain a few things. Jen is Dr. Jen Marchbank, friend, mentor, teacher, mother, lesbian, inspiration and professor of Women Studies at SFU in BC Canada. I love this woman – like a mother. Like a mentor. When I am in need she’s there, in fact when I went to WWE and got stuck in abbotsford at three am in the fucking morning it was Jen I called for help. I adore this woman with all of my black soulless heart. So it is with the utmost respect that I tell you on this, we disagree. I will not be boycotting the USA.

I have plans with my friend Bobby, his amazing girlfriend and their beautiful children, to climb the massive Freedom Stamp in Cleveland Ohio, Beers in Boston with my friend Kali and I am devoting a ridiculous amount of time stalking my favorite writer Ace just because. I have a lot of amazing friends in The United States of America. My Professor of Poetry Charles Bivona and his amazingly empowering, inspiring wife live in New York City. My friend JD and his gorgeous daughter also live in NYC so gotta stop there. A man I love and adore who I can’t wait to throw my arms around lives in the USA. Although I can’t tell you his name. Or where he lives. 😛

I need to go and visit my friend Jeremy Hammond who is still held against his will in NYC for his crimes, and my friend Stanley who was also imprisoned for standing up for what he believed in.  I have a thousand people I need to see who live in all parts of the world….most of them happen to be American.

I have a lot of people I love, respect, admire and trust that live in the United States of America, so no. I will not be boycotting the USA. I will not be boycotting Hawaii because I desperately need to go and stand under the rising sun and raise my hands and give thanks that we live in such an amazing beautiful world. I will not separate myself from my friends – from my “e-fam” just because they live in a country that happened to elect the most racist, misogynistic moron who’s so fundamentally slow in the brain (not allowed to say the R word) that he doesn’t even know the meaning of the words Racist or Misogynistic.

Donald Trump is not right in the head – that much is obvious. He clearly has no idea what the hell he’s doing and while I admit when he first announced he was running I laughed -a lot – I even supported it publicly because I thought there was no way in hell he’d ever win. I misunderstood the power of the human psyche to convince the idiots to rise to the occasion. I was wrong.

Seems the idiots really do outnumber the rest of us, but it doesn’t mean that we’re screwed and it doesn’t mean the world is over.

Kingdoms are not built by the Kings and Queens in the Castle Towers, Kingdoms are created, built and nurtured by the people who do the work – who live within it. It’s built by the slaves, the workers, the bottom of the barrel. I was raised to believe that the planet does not belong to the generation in charge, it belongs to the next generation. I am now one of those who fully believes this planet belongs to our children.

So I will go to Vegas (I hope) for my 35th birthday I will meet these friends, these allies and we will have one hell of a fucking time. We will stand up and Up The Rebel’s well we celebrate friendship and the fact that we’ve made it out alive. We will enjoy our weekend in Vegas and we won’t think about Donald Trump or politics, we’ll visit strip clubs and Bunny Farms and we will enjoy our life because I refuse to allow anyone to put my life on hold any longer. Not even the President of the United States of America.

Sadly I cannot promise to write a blog about it or tell you what ended up happening when I finally got there, because as you all know What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. NSA FBI DEA CIA You’re not invited.

Mama Jen I love you, I love that I know you’ll respect my decision and not shame me for it, and I love that you’re the kind of person who’s always encouraged to stick up for what I believe in, I can’t promise I’ll behave but I can promise if you aren’t there you won’t want to know what I’m doing without adult supervision anyways 😛

I love you America, I love my friends there, my family there, and I support you the people.

All my love



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  1. Have an awesome birthday, Devon. We will try to keep a supposedly important and narcissistic personage from spoiling your party.

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