You Are A Soul

I offer this up to those of you who need a reminder that you are loved.

Dear You

I want you to know who I am and what I’m about. I am your soul. I am the voice you hear in your head, I am the light…I am the sun and the moon and the stars. I was born to give you life; you were born to give me a reason to exist.

I want you to know I think you’re amazing. I think you are truly beautiful and strong and I fucking love you. If this sounds a little scary I think it’s because life is supposed to be scary. It’s supposed to be new and exciting and we’re supposed to fall so we can get up.

I think it’s because you’re afraid to admit to yourself how amazing you are. I want you to know you’re the person I love more than anyone else in the whole wide world.

I guess I got to tell you that I will probably fall in love with someone at some point, and for awhile you may think I’ve forgotten you but I swear I haven’t. I’m just as invested in you, but part of that is sharing this love with someone else.

Remind me every now and then to take you on a date, we could go see a movie just you and I, we could go swimming. Or maybe buy some sexy underwear and do a nude photo shoot, just you me and the camera. It would be romantic; it would be just lovely if you reminded me to take time for you once in awhile.

To walk you to get your feet done – all massaged and pretty, or maybe you want to go to dinner? I can do that. I won’t cook for you I promise I’ll let you give your hands a break. Instead I’ll buy you a beautiful outfit and we’ll go hang out.

Maybe we could go to your favorite spot and people watch? Or we can sit there and grab a book and drink our coffee and just listen to the air while we read.

Whatever it is you want to do baby I’ll do it with you, because I love you. I just want you to be happy and healthy, strong and beautifully aware of whom you are, of what you’re capable of.

You’re not alone my love because you and me we’re in this together, born together, live together, die together baby, and I don’t know about you but I’m not ready for you to go yet, I’m not ready for you to die because there’s so much I need to see through your eyes.

I want you to finish school and do something amazing with your life; I want you to show the world what you’re capable of because we know it’s more than this.

I want you to soar, to fly, to know that your wings will hold you up. And I’ll be there right deep inside of you, holding tight to our lungs as we scream in joy.

You were forged in fire, you breathe fire. You are strong and passionate you are fucking amazing and I love you.

I am so glad you’re choosing to stay alive because without you I am nothing.

With all my love,

You’re Soul.


 – Written by Devon J Hall


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