Working out when you’re over weight looks stupid and will make you laugh

That’s what I learned today.

I am lucky in that I have a DVD Player that connects to both Netflix and Youtube. This gives me the ability to watch these skinny scrawny girls tell me how easy a work out is when I’m so heavily overweight. EL OH EL! No Darlings, these work outs are not easy, not when you’re first starting out.

However I have to say that rather than feeling defeated I found myself laughing. Hysterically at how silly I looked with my dog rolling his eyes at me as I tried to crunch and thrust and do a “Gorilla pose” swaying my hands left to right.

I laughed even harder when Whalley thought I was having a heart attack while trying to lean my body back and sway my legs left and right in the air.

No working out while you’re over weight and just starting is not easy but when you find out what works for you it can be super fun.

Recently I started doing squats and in a little bit I am going to march up and down the stairs in my apartment hallway until my legs feel like jelly, purely so that I can get a workout in.

I’m fairly proud of myself. I’m not in any massive hurry but I am doing a little bit more each day. I’ve realized that taking B12 (with Dr’s advice) has helped with my levels of energy. The more energy I have the more I want to burn it in a healthy way. Now if only I can get my diet under control.

No more junk food, no more junk food no more junk food no more junk…….ooooooooooh Twinkies!




5 thoughts on “Working out when you’re over weight looks stupid and will make you laugh

  1. Well, good luck avoiding the attack of the rampaging Twinkies. If working out were easy a lot of us would be wearing smaller sizes. And those skinny scrawny girls? We’ll see how they are by their 20th High School reunion. Ha!

  2. The twinkies are NOT calling you. Repeat – they are not calling you. It’s a trap. Step away from the twinkies.

    But seriously, good luck. I’m in the same boat and it’s a sinking ship at times.

    • it can be rough and the twinkies are long gone lol but I feel if we do it and talk about it and laugh about it, it’s worth it in the end.

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