Toronto Pride does not Speak for All LGBTQ

I am a Person of Color.

I am Queer.

I am Bisexual.

I am whatever you say that I am.

These are not labels I asked for, or offered up to the masses by my own choosing. These are labels thrust upon me by those who came before.

Last year Black Lives Matter Toronto threw a fit that the RCMP and Toronto Police support and proudly march with our LBGTQ Pride brothers.

I said then what I will say now, I am proud to stand by any person who believes in the freedom of self. I stand against segregation and I am beyond pissed that BLM had the nerve to hold Toronto Gay Pride hostage until their demands were met. I’m even angrier that Toronto Pride decided to give in to those demands.

What does this say to police officers who are also LGBTQ?

“We support you but not so long as you’re in a uniform that BLM disagrees with”?

What kind of message does this send when we’re supposed to be talking about Equality? Inclusive communities?

Inclusiveness has always been an issue with Pride communities. I recently had a conversation who told me that a well known Drag Queen in our home town told her friend that he was “Not a man.”

I’m going to ignore the fact that this particular Drag Queen is a massively huge cunt, and cut straight to the point.

If we want the world to include us, to support protect love and defend us we need to stop pissing them off.

Fuck you Black Lives Matter – you’re a group of sheep who’s “message” was started by a white man who pretended to be Black. While I don’t think this makes your point any less valid I think the entire BLM movement has done far more to destroy community relations than it has to build them.

As seen by yscreenshot_5ou’re telling a movement that’s been happeningĀ for almost seventy years how to run a parade that’s been going on longer than most of you have been alive.

While we’re on the subject of telling who to do what or say what, what the fuck is this back water bullshit?!

You know what this says to me? “If you are not proudly screaming your self identity to the world then shut the fuck up.”

I didn’t actually want to come out and tell the world that I am Queer, I sure as fuck didn’t announce it over Twitter or even to my friend Caroline. I did it because I was fucking tired of feeling like my voice didn’t matter. My voice DOES matter. My voice IS important and just because I’m not proudly screaming “I’m a flaiming “insert label here” ” doesn’t mean that you have the right to tell me otherwise.

Let me just add that this comment was made by a white woman. Pause for eye roll here.

So unless you’re a person of Color or LGBTQ You have no right to have an opinion? Pretty sure that this is exactly what our LGBTQ ancestors fought against to begin with.

The freedom to be yourself, whoever that might be, wherever you may come from, whatever your color, creed, nationality, gender, identity or blah blah blah is. So yeah continue going backwards.

Preventing Police from marching proudly in the LGBTQ parade does not protect our brothers and sisters, it alienates those who are willing to stand up for us. Good job.

You fucking idiots.

You’ve done exactly what the conservatives want you to do. You’ve alienated your own supporters. This isn’t a case of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It’s a case of Toronto Pride organizers being pussy whipped by a bunch of people that didn’t bother to speak up until a White Man, pretending to be Black told them to. The irony there is astounding, disgusting and fucking redundant.

Thank Shaun King. Whatever would the world be without you?!