Get your laws away from my vagina

Yesterday the creators of BackPage released this statement via Twitter:


As I said in my Twitter Thread I have never sold myself for sex however that being said I still stand by any woman who is given and chooses freely the right to sell her body, her time and her charms for money or gifts. It’s her body, and No man, No government should choose what she (or he) chooses to do with the aforementioned vessel.

Now let me tell you a story.

When I was just a child, the first man to sexually assault me by showing me his penis found me in a laundry-mat with my mother. She was doing our clothing and I was next door in the corner store trying to decide what candy I wanted to buy with my five cents.

The second man to sexually abuse me had been visiting my mom’s best friend. When K when to walk mom a block or so home I went to sleep in her bed, he sexually abused me.

When I was raped for the very first time my rapist found me hanging out in a pool hall and offered to walk me home. It was far too late when I realized what he’d planned to do and I was too afraid to stop him. I thought that he was going to be my boyfriend, so I did what he said not only because of the knife he’d placed on the ground next to me, but also because I was terrified of what he’d say about me if I’d said no. I was sixteen.

I was kidnapped at seventeen and taken to the middle of South Surrey after being forced to give a hand-job to an Indian man named “Tiny” who was about four hundred pounds of solid muscle and six foot four.

I had at this point in my life been exhibiting high risk behavior, drinking and staying out all night because I couldn’t deal with all the times I’d been abused.

At twenty-three I met my first boyfriend Jaxson outside Surrey Memorial Hospital. He was the typical abusive boyfriend. When he was kind and sweet he was the kindest man in the world. When he was feeling mean, he was the meanest most evil man that ever lived. He beat me, raped me, put PCP in my joint and held me over the ledge of a roof top, a window and shoved me down the stairs. He fractured my foot, filled me with pills and forced me to miscarry my child before I even realized I was pregnant. He held a knife to my neck and threatened to kill me more times than I could count. And when I had finally had enough he stalked me until I let him back in because I believed he had changed…until I realized he’d never change.

Do you know what all of these men had in common? Not one of these men found me on BackPage.

Neither of the men abused me because they saw me on Back Page and decided they’d like to try an innocent for a change. Most men who are looking for children do not actually use or there are better places, far darker scarier places on the internet.

There are websites dedicated to meeting and talking with children. I’ve been watching several of them for years. Some of them are for Adult Babies, but the others? The others are straight up grown men and women looking to meet and have sex with children. has an entire section of videos that are put up by Pedophiles, you can pick the child you want, go to a separate website put in a bid and next thing you know a freshly packed cookie (virgin child) is on it’s way.

My friend Jaymack9 and I found these videos about two years ago. As I said before when I reported it to the police I was told that a) they were cleverly disguised as children dancing around naked, “It could be a family video” and b) if I pursued it I would be charged for viewing child pornography. That’s our fucking legal system for you kids.

Back Page is for adults, It was always intended to be for adults and all you have done is taken away one small safe zone for men and women.

On BP they had a community of men and women who knew what the score was. They all knew they worked in the sex industry and they were able to if they so chose, communicate and share information.

BP gave these people the ability to watch out for each other, from any state in the Country.

You could go on BP see an ad for a customer you knew was an abusive or scary date and you could warn your fellow workers, without BP there you have now given these people less access to an extra safety net.

It is long past time to stop vilifying sexual services and start creating legislation to protect it.

Look, let’s get honest here shall we Washington? We all know that Sex and Politics is a thing, it’s been a thing for more than five hundred years. We all know that in Washington and hell yeah even here in Canada politicians relax with sex and booze I’m not shaming you. I’m not even asking you to admit it, instead I’m asking you to stop being a fucking (ha ha) hypocrite. Stop pretending you don’t do it because we all know you have your dirty little secrets.

If there’s one thing Politicians suck at it’s keeping secrets.

The more you force these women into the streets the more dangerous their lives are going to get so let’s stop pretending that this is about you protecting anyone. This is about your ridiculous superiority complex. Which is stupid. Get over yourself you aren’t that great.  You aren’t better than anyone.

Someone wise once said “Find something you love doing, now find a way to make money at it.” To all the women (and men) who love and adore having sex and are making money at it, fucking (ha ha) kudos to you. I’m honored to stand with your choice.

I cannot begin to understand when the whole “we must protect the little woman” bullshit is going to end. We don’t need your protection we need you to shut the fuck up and listen.

Stop telling us what will keep us safe and start listening to what WE need. The days of Men bringing home the bacon are over. We women are quite capable of taking care of ourselves, and you trying to control us under the guise of “protecting our better interests” is bullshit.

I have a very hard time believing the FBI truly things that BackPage is being used to sell children. You and I both know FBI you aren’t that fucking fundamentally retarded. We’ve had this conversation before. YOU know where the kids are coming from “I” know where the kids are coming from, we all know it’s not from Back Page.

It has always been accepted that women have the right to choose whom they wish to sleep with, and yet when they accept money for this they are criminals? What seedy bullshit is that?

If I bring a man home and fuck his brains out and he in return decides to give me money or jewels in compensation why the hell do you care? Get your law books the fuck out of my vagina.

In reality, if we’re going to be super truthful here, the only reason you want to point fingers and judge what we women do with our vaginas (or in my case do not do) is because you are a) jealous b) filled with shame or c) have nothing better to do with your lives.

These are OUR bodies, OUR vessels and whatever we choose to do or not to do with them is none of your business.

Think about how many billions of lives would be saved if prostitution was no longer a crime?!

If instead we were allowed to say when and say who and charge whatever we wanted. If we were allowed to hire body guards or managers to keep us safe and forced to take drug and STD tests every few months.

There are better ways. You are not protecting society, you are failing it.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

Then They Came for the Women, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Woman

All my love,



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