The Sisterhood Profiles: Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson is an award winning author, feminist, protector of the innocent, voice for the voiceless and beautiful stunning inspiration to thousands of men and women around the world who have all suffered from abuse on any and all fronts.

I barely know Rachel to be honest with you all but I respect her. When I first started reaching out to other women to start The Sisterhood Rachel was one of the first who’s help I asked for. She made it clear from the moment we met (over Twitter of course) that if ever I needed to talk she would be there to listen.

For someone who loves to talk, that meant a lot to me. She quickly invited me to join her amazing #SexAbuseChat and I said no.

The very thought of joining up with a hundred random strangers and talking about my years as a victim is terrifying. My story is out there for the world to see on several websites (some with permission, others without.) so it’s not like I have anything to hide yet I still feel a sense of fear.

It’s something I’m working on with Rachel’s help. Each day I get a little bit closer to feeling a little more safer, and a little more protected. Believe it or not a lot of my Twitter bravado is just that, I’m not really as tough as I pretend to be, but I’m learning to be…because of my Sisters.

I am afraid because unlike Rachel I haven’t pulled back every single layer and allowed the world to have at me – I’ve pulled back several, but not all of them. Not yet.

I will say I have watched quietly from the shadows as Rachel has inspired and empowered many – men and women alike. I am honored to call her my Sister, I am honored to learn from her and to be able to reach out to her when I need to rant/question/ask for help. She’s amazing. She’s phenomenal and I’m not entirely certain I want to share her with you, but since I really have no choice in the matter please check out @RachelintheOC on Twitter and follow her lead.

The world needs more Rachel’s in the world.

You can find her book here or you can join Rachel and the rest of my amazing phenomenal Kick Ass Women here on Facebook.

Rachel, thank you for inspiring me, being there to support me and thousands of others, never sleeping and always being amazing. Happy Birthday Big Sister, may the next year of your life bring more success, more love and more joy and laughter than even you know what to do with.

All my Love



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