Happy New Year

We say it that way because we hope that this year will be different. We as humans celebrate the passing of another year. With all it’s ups and downs, and we toast to another year filled with laughter, love, hope, empowerment and success. We wish those we love to have all they need and desire and we wish those we hate to land in front of a bus. (Come on you know it’s true.)

Some of us, not me, but some of us even find ourselves reaching above and letting go of the anger from past years.

Last night I was contacted over Facebook by someone accusing me of lying about her. I responded with “It’s so cute that you think you’re still relevant to me, go away little girl.”

I then blocked her. I didn’t lie. I don’t have to lie, the truth has far too much power in it for me to worry about creating bullshit around other people. It hit a cord though.

I thought hard about it for quite literally one second.

I could sit there and go back and forth discussing, passing insults and fanning the fires of drama with someone I dislike, haven’t particularly liked in years and end up feeling annoyed frustrated and belittled on New Years Eve. Or alternatively I could give a well worded fuck you and block the woman and move on. I chose the latter.

Instead I chose to start writing at 11:45 am and I didn’t stop until just after 1:00 am. I’ve always been a big believer in the idea that the way you celebrate New Years Eve is how you’re going to spend the next year of your life.

Last year I spent it feeling free of obligations I didn’t want and walking my dog. This year I spent it writing. I decided I’d rather not wake up feeling hung over having spent hundreds of dollars to be surrounded by people who’s drama I wasn’t interested in participating with.

I admit I was a little sad. I felt a little lonely, and I felt a little ignored and a lot unloved but when I stop to look back at the thirty three years I’ve had on this earth I have a lot to be grateful for.

I won’t list them all but instead I want to tell you what I will not be doing this year. I am not going to be moping about what I don’t have. I won’t be making resolutions I am making decisions – none of which I’ll share here.

I am going to work to make my dreams come true in a way I haven’t before. I am going to find love within myself. I am going to spend the next year creating a space within my soul and my home that bring me inner peace and central balance. These are the things that are important to me.

It is my hope that by the end of the year I am one step closer to seriously publishing my novel. I want for you all who read this and pass it on to find a space within your home and heart that brings you love and peace and kindness.

May your homes be filled with food and laughter untold successes and be lit with light always. May you be challenged and come out the other side much stronger. May your hearts make you smile at random times through out the year for no other reason than you feel the need to smile.

From my family to yours,

Happy New Year.