An Open Letter to the Rocketts Organization

This is an open letter to Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes.

Once upon a time there was a little girl who saw a chorus line on television, or in a theater and whispered to the heavens “I want to do that one day.”

And so this little girl practiced and practiced until she was able to make her dream come true.  She gave up school dances and dates, that extra desert at christmas and worked until her body ached and her toes bled. Still she danced. She danced when she was sick, and she danced when she was tired. 

She danced when she was heart broken and she danced when she was happy. She danced because it’s what her soul told her body she needed. 

And when that dream finally came true she was told she had “No Choice.” She was told “Dance or Lose your job.”

I hear you all, and I support you.

Since 1925 The Rockette’s organization has inspired hundreds of thousands of women around the world.  They are one of the first organizations to put women on the main stage. To show little girls every where that women matter and do in fact have a voice.

They are also one of the first organizations in American History to actually pay women. (Not always fairly mind you because women did not start earning a regular age for many years after the Rockettes are formed, but still.)


Donald Trump has never been an advocate of women. By his own over heard and now infamous words;

When you’re famous you don’t even have to ask. You just grab them by the pussy, I just do it. I do it.

That alone if nothing else in his sixty years of misogynistic behavior should tell you that Donald J Trump sees women as nothing more than “things” to play with.

I’ve long suspected that Donald Trump is the kid that always was bulled as a child in school. The kid who had parents willing and able to bribe other children to come to his birthday parties. The child with the sever Daddy issues. I’ve kept my mouth shut until now because there wasn’t really much for me to say but today I am just tired.

I am tired of pretending that it’s perfectly acceptable for the future of the American people – a people I love very much – to be destroyed by a man who considers half their populous “less then human.”

This is a man who claimed if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter he’d be dating her. This worries me on her behalf. I do not dislike Miss. Trump I actually feel sorry for her. I feel sorry that this young woman had to grow up in a home where her own father saw her as a sex object.

With all that being said I cannot begin to understand how an organization built on the toes, backs and legs of women can support a man who doesn’t respect women. It is beyond unfathomable to me.

It makes 0 sense. Without these women, hundreds of them over the years the Rockettes would cease to exist.

We as women are constantly saying we need to stand up for each other well now this is your chance to make a change.

I know it probably won’t matter because I’m not an American but I am a woman and I am a human. My rights as a woman matter just as much as any mans and frankly I don’t actually care if this goes viral (it won’t) I don’t care if I become a Trump enemy (I won’t). I care that women have legitimately been told that they have no choice.

Women from around the world have and will continue until the end of time, bled, sweat and die for the same rights as men. Something I’ve never really thought I’ve fought for before.

To some of you you may say “It’s just a couple of dances” but consider this.

Donald J Trump has admitted to going into the changing room of minors during the Miss America pageants. Watching them while they are in all forms of undress. So now I ask you this, would you want your daughters any where near Donald Trump?

I wouldn’t. The idea that my daughter of any age – might be in a position where Donald Trump had the chance to look at them dressed or undressed, much less be close enough to “Grab them by the pussy” and get away with it because he is now President scares the crap out of me.

No. I do not have daughters and no I am not a mother nor a dancer. I am however a woman. I can look back to the books of history and see millions of women who have been raped, murdered, slaughtered because they dared to say no.

In this case these women may lose their jobs, their livelihoods, I don’t see this as an option. I do not see this as a choice.

“You will dance or you will starve”

Um. Don’t we have laws against this? What other implications could this have? What if Mr. Trump decides he wants to spend a little one on one time with a specific dancer, will she lose her job if she says no? Or worse because he’s the fucking President?!

I know I’m probably not being very eloquent here, but it just doesn’t make sense to me that after everything the women in the Rockette’s have accomplished they are now being forced to go against their basic rights as women.

If I were an unfeeling woman I would ask the Rockette’s to choose not to dance, to step down and refuse to do it. To stand up for themselves, but in all honesty being that I too live in poverty can never ask someone to do that.

I cannot in good conscience ask you to give up your paycheck in order to stand up for what you believe is right. Whatever which way you would choose were you given a choice.

So I will do it for you.

From now until after the inauguration I will be posting this image as far and as wide around the internet I can. I don’t know much it will do but I want you to know I hear you.

I hear the women who’s voices have been stolen from them. I stand for the women who have been told they have no choice, because let’s be honest. This isn’t about whether or not you do or do not dance. It is about the fact that you have been told “You Have No Choice.”

No woman Person should ever have to hear those words. The words “You have no choice” come from an person of authority, a position of power. We have a choice. We have the choice to support these amazing beautiful and talented women who are doing what they do because it’s what their soul asks of them, it’s what they are called to do.

Feel free to steal this image. Show the Rockettes, that since they have had their choice as women and as professionals taken from them, since they have had their voices robbed because saying no means they lose their jobs, that they do not stand alone.

This is in my personal and humble opinion is what true feminism is about. It’s about standing up for women who cannot stand up for themselves. Millions of women over the years have fought for our right to choose – whatever those choices might be – we’ve always had the right to choose and today it’s time to pay back that gift by standing up for the women of The Rockettes.

If you want to contact the Rockettes and share your own displeasure you can do so by emailing them:, or sending them some Christmas Cards: Radio City Music Hall
1260 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10020

OR you can call them Here:



All my Love



I’d like to show off an amazing man who decided to step up and write his own letter

Thank you Sir, for standing up for American Women and Women everywhere.


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