There is Truth in the lies of Pizza Gate

I want to preface this by saying that I don’t know how much of Pizza Gate is true vs how much is bullshit, however I will say that the entire “Fake News” headline that captured the minds and hearts of millions around the globe does have some truth to it.

In 2012 I was in the process of working on Radio Free Voice, a free online podcast that quickly became the voice of OpLithChild. I want to add that I was not the first person to get involved in this case – I was not the last and I am certainly not responsible for the volume of information and facts that were gathered. I have never forgotten this little girl. I know that many of the people around the world who worked on #OpLithChild have not forgotten this little girl. I saw four years ago she’d be in my heart forever and in the wave that is #PizzaGate I believe it is time to shed more light on what happened four years ago.

Below is witness statements, links to videos and information describing the terrible acts of a mother, a government and the stolen innocence of a child only three years old at the start of this heinous scandal.

Please be warned, You will be triggered.

One of the things that angers me so much about #PizzaGate is that instead of forcing people to focus on the very real scandal of men and women buying, selling and raping children it inspired people to focus on the scandal of fake news being put into the world to take away from real cases and real stories. I am disgusted to have recently found out a former friend, a member of Anonymous was a part in spreading this story, which in turn has pissed me off to tell you about Diamante Kedyte.

Let me start this by saying that Diamante means “Diamond”. Never has this been more true about any little girl than this beautiful one.

At the age of three her mother began selling her to members of the Lithuanian Government as a child sex slave.

“A girl just three years old was pimped out by her own mother to three adult men; for 4,000 Euros per month. Those three men are high ranking members of the Lithuanian Government. Most of the key figures in this story are dead – Murdered – with the exception of the mother, and the Court has Forced the child to live with her again – this child is the last witness breathing”

-Anon Hack News

When this case first came to my attention I thought it had to be complete bullshit. Shortly after I began reporting about it via Radio Free Voice I was sent this video:


As the IFRAME is not working THIS video is of our Diamond talking about the abusers, including her mother.

This was the first time I realized Anonymous could be used to do something great. After filming this video Diamante’s father went to a judge with a lawyer to gain sole custody of his daughter. The judge and lawyer were found murdered as was her father. The Lithuanian Government to this day swears that Drasius Kedys killed the judge and the lawyer, who we know……were actually trying to protect this little girl.

We didn’t as a “crew” make much noise about this case around the world. The world was (rightfully) focused on Occupy as it was a much larger movement and had a larger voice than we few did. We did however piss off the Lithuanian Government. So much so that Diamante’s sole living protector was now in danger.

Neringa Venckiene did more than her fair share in trying to protect her niece. More than many of us could say we would have done. Not only did she attempt to gain legal custody but she stood up to a corrupt government and quite literally put her own life in danger trying to prevent this from continuing.

This video was sent to us as a warning. Not from the Government but from people within Lithuania. This was the moment #OpLithChild failed, and more importantly many people realized there was little to no hope and that no one would listen.

I have never spoken with Neringa but I can honestly say she’s my hero. I can honestly tell you that seeing a child screaming “Why are you doing this to me, you’re supposed to be my mother, to protect me” breaks my heart in a way that words can never convey.

I take a lot of blame for participating in this op only because it meant that Neringa was eventually jailed for “Crimes against the state”.

“After they removed all the people from the house, only Deimante’s aunt Neringa remained with Deimante sitting in her lap. They brought a psychologist and a child service person who did not have any problems exerting psychological pressure toward Deimante. At first they tried to manipulate her and promise things, but when Deimante kept saying she did not want to go with them, they said she did not have any choice. Deimante kept refusing and asked them to leave (At one point Deimante even said that she didn’t want to live and asked them to leave her alone, but they continued to pressure her). They tried to touch her, but her aunt Neringa was yelling at them that it was against the law to us force against the girl. Finally, they brought the girls’ mother in the house with her attorney (who helped to carry the girl out), policemen locked Neringa’s hand behind her back (however, now they are accusing her of hitting a policeman and suing her for that…) and allowed Deimante’s mother to pull her from Neringa.

Deimante was holding Neringa with all her strength, but she was pulled away from her and carried out screaming. During the time when the girl was carried to a van, someone administered some medication to her, since a video in the van showed the girl motionless and saying that she was seeing eight arms… It’s also possible that she had a psychotic break due to the stress and trauma that she experienced…
The bailiff announced in the press conference that no violence/ force was used against the girl during the operation.

They took the girl and her mother to some secret location, and now they are spreading lies through the media saying how happy Deimante is with her mother after she escaped such a “terrible environment” with her aunt and grandparents.

However, some information was leaked by one doctor that Deimante was brought to an emergency room on Friday, but he did not know why, since all the personnel had to leave the hospital when she was brought with her mother and masked guards… So, I’m very concerned about that… There is also a big concern that Deimante is being administered huge amounts of psychotropic medication to keep her calm and quiet… It is possible that now they’ll be intimidating her and forcing to testify that she never experienced pedophilia, but the people are being intimidated by the governmental officials and police…” – Anonymous

Prior to all of this information being released I was asking people in the UK why no one was talking about this. Very few reporters were talking about these cases of child abuse, of child sex slavery. The answer was simple “Reporters are afraid of losing their jobs.”

Last night via Twitter I spoke about how angry I was over #PizzaGate, the fact that it took attention away from real cases from real victims. I referenced the fact that Corey Haim and Corey Feldman both spoke out about child abuse in Hollywood and the fact that whenever people talk about these two specific cases Feldman is called crazy, unstable and mentally ill.

When we as victims stand up to an aunt/uncle/coach/parent/cousin etc these cases are taken seriously and more often than not the abuser is arrested. When however the abuser(s) are more powerful, have money and name recognition the victims are told they are crazy. Such as what happened with 90% of all the women who accused the oh so beloved Bill Cosby.

The press ignored his victims for nearly two decades because he was “Every body’s favorite father.”

When will we as a society learn that the abuser’s best weapon is their ability to be seen as innocent? When will we learn that when a victim comes forward it’s time to pay attention. Why is it that for almost six years people around the globe talked about #OpLithChild (well before I got involved) but until now no one cared? Why is it that when #PizzaGate was released instead of talking about the “Real” instances of child abuse the press focused only on the fact that so much of Pizzagate was false?

I’d like to add that certain terms used online are every day words turned into code words that are in reality talking instead about child abuse:

“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of colour
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy

These are supposedly the words referenced under the Podesta Emails. This is the proof that people used to attach Hillary Clinton to a child sex ring.

What angers me the most I think is the fact that these Child sex rings do exist and all PizzaGate has done is spread more disinformation – or incorrect even – information that has taken away from the real true plight these victims suffer every day.

I have long said that Wikileaks has a responsibility to spread truth. I believe that a certain amount of the stuff they post is truth, it’s certainly at the very least believable but ask yourself this. Way back when, when we asked Julian Assange for help with OpLithChild did WikiLeaks do nothing? The answer to that is even more simple: It didn’t benefit them in any way what so ever to bring attention to what was happening in Lithuania.

Although I no longer have access to the facts I did in 2012 I can tell you from memory that we traced the case of our beautiful Diamond from Lithuania to Australia, Canada, USA and basically all over Europe.

Our Diamond was not the first child to be sold by her own parents into sexual slavery and she won’t be the last. Not until we the people, we as a global society decide our children are important enough to protect from these heinous crimes. Not until we start paying attention.

Not until we begin to realize that while WikiLeaks may have started out on the road to truth, openness and honesty they have long since abandoned their mission for more important ideals. I won’t say – and I detract former statements- that Julian Assange never had any good intent. I’m sure at one point he did.

However he lost my respect when we sent him hundreds of thousands of emails proving that this case lead to several thousand cases around the globe, and he ignored us.

I’d like to add before I finish that back in 2012 the day that Jeremy Hammond was arrested, several hackers around the globe were planning to hack the Lithuanian Government to find concrete proof of what was happening. The night before we’d been in the process of looking for Sabu – trying to contact him in order to get him to use his voice and help spread the plight of Diamante. When we couldn’t get a hold of him or any of the members of lulzSEC we decided to call it a night and wait until the morning to not only do the hack but spread the word.

There were 12 hackers around the world prepared to step up and find concrete evidence that would have gotten the Government Officials of Lithuania in serious global trouble. 12 hours later Sabu and Hammond were in custody and naturally everyone involved in #OpLithChild backed off and disappeared. Naturally, they were terrified.

A year later I contacted the Surrey BC RCMP and told them I had found proof of child pornography on Youtube.Com. Video’s of naked boys bathing, dancing around, while grown men video taped them.

A police officer (Who’s name I do not remember sadly) told warned me actually that there was not only nothing the RCMP could do because of Youtube being an American company but if I shared these videos with anyone “I” could and probably “would” be prosecuted for spreading Child Pornography.

This is the last conversation that I had with JayMack9 before he was shot and killed in Dawson’s Creek:

The Russian he references did show up in Dawson’s Creek shortly after his death. This person was detained, deported and told not to return. This person was accused of “Being a threat to national security”. To Fucking, Canada.

These cases of Child abuse are constant. They are not ending and more often than not these pedophiles work in a team. If involved in a ring they will groom, enjoy the pleasures of their target victims and when they are tired and bored will sell off or prepare their victim for another abuser.

The victims who are only abused by 1 or 2 pedophiles are lucky. Some children however get passed around – in some cases the entire world.

The Catholic Church however much it would like to distance itself is still involved in protecting the abusers and paying off the victims. Or you know, ignoring them until the victim’s kill themselves with drugs, alcohol abuse or suicide.

Pedophiles claim to “love” their victims. Causing someone harm, abusing them, ripping a part their bodies minds and souls is not love. Child abuse is an epidemic and it’s only when we as a global society step up and say enough is enough that it will ever end.

quote-i-used-to-think-that-what-scared-me-was-the-idea-of-being-abandoned-until-someone-said-demi-moore-118-68-57The problem with child abuse is that there will always be victims because hey we keep having babies. Some babies, too many innocent pure souls become abused, twisted and violated until they themselves become the perpetrators.

The more money these abusers have access to the more they are protected, when will we say enough is enough? When will we look at people like Corey Feldman, Corey Haim and the hundreds of thousands of children that these abusers have access to and start empathizing with them instead of ridiculing them? Instead of shaming them for telling the truth?

To this day Corey Feldman has said he’s been abused and yet he has never named his abuser. With all his fame, with all his money he is still too scared to say the man’s (mens) name. When I said this on Twitter I recieved “Not very good marketing there.” As a response. I’ve never been so disgusted in my life.

I grew up watching the Two Corey’s. I used to fantasize that one day I would marry Corey Haim. When the show the “Two Corey’s” came out my child hood crush was renewed. I got the chance to see the boy who made me blush as a little girl rip open his heart to tell the world that he’d been a victim. Only to later find out he’d taken his own life.

Corey Feldman lost his childhood best friend because Haim couldn’t live with what was done to him. Feldman chooses to continue living. To spread awareness and instead of being praised he’s been called crazy, mentally unhealthy and borderline deranged.

Is it any wonder more victims do not come forward? When their family members are murdered? When they are called names and ridiculed? When they are abused and kidnapped from their families?

It is my unscientific belief that victims of abuse who commit Suicide are in all reality victims of murder. When your heart, your spirit been broken, so twisted that you can’t live any more it’s not you taking your own life, it’s you trying to find some semblance of peace. It’s murder by association. It’s time to end abuses against children. Once and for all.

You wanna talk about Pizza Gate? Talk about the real cases of abuse instead.

How about Scientology that rips children away from their families. Talk about Lithuania who has been a proven partner in a global sex ring. Talk about real cases of child abuse, not false flags set up to destroy an administration and take away real facts about real victims.

I’d like to say finally, thank you to Corey Feldman for your kind words and thought’s last night. They mean more to me than you know. I would love to apologize again for hot seating you and your friend Corey Haim but I can’t. As far as I am concerned, the more people who know about these real victims, these real abuses of power the better. Thank you for having the courage to speak out. You aren’t the first and I pray you won’t be the last.

For more information about OpLithChild The blog is still (Thankfully) Up. I do not know who runs this website if it happens to be you please contact me. Over the next several weeks I will be downloading the ENTIRE blog to make sure that it doesn’t get lost. I ask any who go to view it that you do the same. Share it spread it and make sure you download as much as you can so if there comes a time when Google (Owner of Youtube) decides to remove it we can keep it going.

For more information about Global Child Sex Trafficking

All my Love