Oh Canada, We Thank You

Based on the morals of my countrymen I am supposed to tell you how proud I am of the men and women in the Canadian Military. The Navel Services and every other branch of government where men and women are required to carry a gun and be trained to kill to work.

I’m not going to do that. I am going to say thank you instead to the Husbands, Wives, Parents and children of those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.

I am going to say thank you for waiting to hear from your loved ones who work so hard to keep us safe.

Thank you for supporting them while they make some of the hardest choices we’ll never know about.

Thank you for giving up personal days, vacations, holidays and birthday’s so that our country and our neighbors can be safe.

It’s not easy to watch the ones you love go, not knowing if they will be returning and so I thank you.

Everyone, in the world celebrates those who fight but very few celebrate those who stay. To raise children, to hold onto the memory of the ones gone. So thank you. You are as much a part of history as the ones we lose every day to war and to death.

You are the keepers of the legacy, by raising children and sharing the stories of your men your women and children you make sure we never forget. We are strong because you teach us how to be strong in times of fear and strife. And so I thank you.

May your loved ones return safe and may you have the Holiday’s, Birthdays, Weddings and Celebrations you deserve with the ones who matter most.

It is not easy to be the light, to be the bearer of hope when it is so much easier to give into the darkness, so we thank you. We Salute You.

If you would like to support Military Families of men and women deployed please go here.

**Photo Credit Steve Russell – Toronto Star