One Nation, Under God

When children go missing on Twitter I immidiatly go into “OpPedoHunt” mode. It’s my way of alerting people who hunt pedophiles that a child is missing. I cannot count how many children the people of Twitter have helped to find over the years. Both dead and alive.

Over the years the people of Twitter have worked together to find missing children from all corners of the globe and they’ve done an amazing job. It really is more than just tweeting it’s about sharing information.

Some have gone so far as to take twitter to the streets and hand out photos or (I’ve been told) hacked street cams in various cities to help find these missing children.

I am reminded of this every time we manage to lose one.

Last night Baby Nia was found dead and her father (?) was found killed by self inflicted injuries.

I don’t know the whole story and it really doesn’t matter because I’m not a part of the family. All that matters is that a child’s life has been snuffed out too early.

I’d like to know where the outrage is. I am reminded of how every victim feels when their stories go ignored.

I am reminded every time a child’s story of rape or molestation or any form of abuse comes to light that so many of us go ignored.

I am reminded of all the things I did trying to get anyone to ask me “What’s wrong” when I was acting out of character. I was reminded that every time I did something out of character no one noticed.

That’s the problem. We don’t notice. We are all so busy criticizing each other, and tearing each other down that when people need help no one is paying attention.

Far too often victim’s go ignored or worse because we’re all so damn tired of hearing about victims. I get that.

When President Elect Trump won the other day I waited and was rewarded with outrage and all I could think is “I’m tired of being angry.”

I am exhausted.

While I say that I understand that millions of American’s are terrified right now, terrified and victimized by neighbors but I also think that we’re over reacting a little bit here.

There are a lot of things that Donald Trump has promised to do if elected and there are a lot of things he can’t do. He’s not going to be able to overwrite laws that take away peoples fundamental human rights.

No matter how much you wanna be a Chicken Little and scream the sky is falling. It’s not falling.

It’s raining in Washington right now yes, but the sky is not falling so do yourselves a favor and chill the fuck out.

I have seen people say that they’ve already been sexually abused – I’ve seen others say they’ve had to deal with hatred from unexpected places and people they thought they knew. That’s horrible and I am genuinely sorry for you. My heart is with you at this scary time.

That being said, The shooting in Seattle had nothing to do with the Protest Trump rallies. It was an isolated incident that was unrelated to the protesters, so quit telling people that they’re getting shot for protesting Trump.

A Nation divided is a Nation Conquered. The Democrats have a fight on their hands for the next four years but Tomorrow isn’t here yet.

I cannot stress this enough. “Live as if the world were what it should be to show it what it can be.” “When they go low, we go High”

Yes it is time to fight back. Yes it’s time to protect our world’s most vulnerable. The Gay men and the Lesbian women. The Bisexual men and women. The Transgender and The Queer.

Those trying to figure out who they are. It is time we teach them. We show them how to be kind, wise and strong. It is time we teach love not hatred.

Last night I heard about a beautiful protest (I don’t know where) men screaming “Her Body, Her choice.” Women screaming “My body My choice.” No rocks were thrown. No violence no hatred, love. Love for all human beings, this is how you protest.

I also heard of a woman who took her baby to a protest and was pepper sprayed. Lady, you’re a fucking idiot. Who takes a child to a protest?

The world is cracked, and it is broken and it’s our fault. We are the only ones who can fix it. We are the only ones that can stand up and say “Enough. Enough war. Enough dead children. Enough marginalized women, youth and people of color.”

I have to tell you when Black Lives Matter started I was angry. I was angry because I foresaw exactly what I am seeing now. While Black men and women are screaming for the same rights that white people have on one hand, their also demanding death to white men and women in the same breath.

Oprah. A woman who saved me from myself says that racists need to die. Are you fucking kidding me?!

That kind of talk is exactly what has sparked these protests filled with anger, hatred and violence.

Meanwhile here I sit watching friends on both sides of the carpet scream hatred at each other. It breaks my heart but I can’t fix it. I’m not even in the United States of America.

I am in another country watching people about joking about coming to MY country.

Um. No. You’ve already fucked up your country, you don’t get to run away from the problem and come destroy my country too.

NO! Now you have to do the work. Now is the time for you all to stand up and say “We Will Live As If The World Is As If The World Were What It Should Be, To Show It What It Can Be.”

Today The View helped a veteran who cannot get to church. So they flew his entire church to New York City so that he could be surrounded by his congregation.

They’ve also bought Tim a house through Homes for Troops and Home Depot. THIS is how you spread love. THIS is how you live as if the world were how it should be, to show it what it can be.

I know you are afraid and I know the words “It’s going to be okay” will bring you little comfort, but it is time. It is time to put down the sword and start meeting people in the middle.

It is time for Black men and women to raise their voices and share their stories. It is time for White men and women to not only listen but to also raise their voices and share their stories.

Your reality is not my reality but it is fucking TIME that we meet TOGETHER.

“We Are One Nation, United Under God.” Prove it.

All my love,

Devon Hall