Eleven Thousand Votes for Harambe

Remember several weeks ago when I wrote a post calling Julian Assange the fucking Devil?  That post is the single most reason I do not actually feel sorry for my American neighbors.

I warned you. Thousands of people around the world warned that this would happen.

I have to tell you before I get started, how I spent yesterday. I woke up, looked at Twitter and decided then and there to smoke a joint and relax. I refused to stress out, I refused to enjoy the ranting and raving on Twitter.

When Trump won I wasn’t even slightly surprised. I am well aware I knew this was going to happen and so do you.

Let’s have a history lesson.

The United States of America (The actual legal name of your country by the way) has a long history of mysogony, rape, abuse, hatred, neglect. In fact y’all have one of the worst reputations in the Western world for taking care of your most marginalized people.

You took land from people that were there first, raped them, starved them, gave them diseases and when you all but killed them out then you imported slaves as a commodity from other countries and bought and sold them the way most people buy shoes.

This was always going to happen and sadly it had to happen.

It’s history repeating itself because y’all didn’t learn the first time. Yesterday I saw hundreds of American’s apologizing to each other and threatening to move to Canada. I have two pieces of news for you.

  1. You’ve beaten the crap out of your country and apologizing to it after and saying you didn’t mean for this to happen doesn’t make it okay.
  2. We Canadian’s don’t actually want you here.

You fucked up your country. It didn’t happen over night it’s been happening for hundreds of years. You did not choose to make an informed decision and not vote for Hillary Clinton an educated activist and supporter of LGBTQ, Race and Religious rights. You made an idiotic decision and chose not to vote for a woman. Oddly enough even as I support Clinton I am reminded that she also supported a known Pedophile (many of them) and killed a bunch of people.

You did not choose to make an educated choice at any point during this election. You chose Hillary because she’s a Woman. You chose Trump because he’s a Celebrity.

I actually when I step back and look at the last four years get it.

President Barack Obama had eight years of trying to work with a republican party who had 0 interest in putting the needs of the country first. They chose to deter him at every opportunity. They chose to make it as hard as fucking possible for him to get shit done and instead of blaming everyone in Washington you people chose to blame 1 man for the errors of hundreds.

I understand how terrified people of Color, and women are right now. You fucking should be. You should be packing your bags and preparing to leave, but you won’t.

Instead of choosing to work with the President YOUR Senate chose to derail him whenever they possibly could. The worst part? You voted these people right back into the same position they’ve been in for eight years.

You set up a Senate that could support and work with your President and when the President tries to make shit happen and the Senate blocks him who do you blame? You blame the fucking President. Yeah. Okay.

So. What do you do now? Now that Donald J. Trump – a man who radicalized millions of supporters – is POTUS, What do you do now? You fucking make it work. You gave him everything he needs to run this country. You’ve given him a fully supportive Senate, You’ve given him the keys to the Kingdom. So make it fucking work.

You do whatever you can to make sure your country is protected. You make damn sure the man does his fucking job. You make damn sure that the promise he made last night “To Make sure we work together, to make sure every person who is American is safe and protected” becomes a fucking reality.

When you are met with Racism, sexual assault or abuse you fucking report it. You take a photo with your phone if able, record it, and you call the fucking police. If they won’t listen then you go to the journalists, if they won’t listen bring it to the internet.

You fucking make it work. YOU made this choice and now you have to deal with it.

I don’t feel sorry for you because it is not as suspected the end of the world. The sun rose today. The sun will rise again tomorrow.

I understand that you are afraid – I am fully aware of why you should be afraid life will never be “okay” again. It will be different, change is scary we know this, we get it.

Y’all impeached Bill Clinton for lying about getting laid in the Oval Office.  You actually do have options here. IF You choose to work together. IF you choose to bring your society in a united front.

If you choose to continue to whine, cry and spread hate for people who disagree with you then you get what you deserve. Many of you chose to stay on Twitter and play video games instead of going to vote. I don’t even give a fuck who you would have voted for but the fact that some of you (that I know personally) did not vote and are now bitching about who won, is fucking stupid.

Seriously if you chose to vote for a Gorilla, if you chose not to vote, you fucking deserve what you get. I mean I guess I understand how you could fuck up so massively, I mean it’s not like y’all didn’t have MONTHS to get in and vote early righ…………oh WAIT YES YOU FUCKING DID.

Life is a little bit scary right now, life sucks a little bit right now but for fuck sakes you’re the most powerful country in the world right?

I am afraid for my friend Shareen who hides her natural accent because of where she lives. My friend Jesse who will not be able to afford his HIV medication without Obama Care. I am afraid for my friend Lisa and her children who are colored even though she is not. My friend Tina who is scared for the children she’s about to bring children into. My friends Kylie and Hig who just brought another new baby into this world. I love my friends and I don’t want them hurt or abused but I saw something different last night when he stood up and spoke.

I saw a man who was humble and kind, a man who realized he’s been given an awesome responsibility and if you hold him that, if you hold him accountable I truly believe that you’re going to be just fine.

So far all I’ve seen is Hillary Supporters whining crying and blaming each other – that’s how you got into this fucking mess to begin with.

So. Knock it off America, you are the greatest country in the Western World. You can do this.

*Notice how I repeated several sentences there?*

Congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump.

I hope that you will be the man we saw last night on Stage. May The Odds be Ever in your Favor.


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  1. I learned many years ago as a political science major that low voter turnout ALWAYS favors the Republican. Turnout was under 50%. It’s estimated that at least 70 million REGISTERED voters did not cast a ballot. That’s more than have ever voted for a single candidate ever. It looks doubtful that any candidate will even reach Romney’s 2012 total. People said they didn’t want DJT, but then they failed to vote for the one person who could’ve prevented him from winning. She wasn’t my favorite either, but I sucked it up and did what I could. I’m grumpy.

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