The Sisterhood

There was once a time when men believed there were only two kinds of women in the world. An Eve – curious and dying for education, or Lilith Rebellious and courageous, willing to choose her own path. Over time women realized they neither had to be one or the other, but could if they choose to, be both.

There was once a time when men were so paranoid of the power that women held they tried to keep us separated.

They tried to tell us that we had to do what they say when they say. They tried to tell us we weren’t humans – there for we didn’t need to vote.

There was a time when rape wasn’t illegal and women weren’t allowed to be Doctors let alone in politics.

Those times have passed. Our women, our ancestors have fought bled and cried for this planet.

There was once a time when women were valued either for her brains, or her body. Very rarely where these women valued for both. The secret that all women know and men often forget is that we’re well aware we can use our bodies, souls and our minds to get our way. We’re very good at it.

We’ve had millions of years to ride this dragon, and we aren’t done yet.

I like to imagine that once a very long time ago – before we even had politicians, some young girl thought that one day she might have the chance to rule the world.

Clearly I am a Hillary. I’m proud of being a Hillary. I am proud to follow in the footsteps of the millions of women who came before me. To sit on my couch in my messy living room telling you that for the first time in my life I am opening myself up to the world of women.

I am proud to stand up for human rights, children rights, and to believe that the rights of all humans, are in fact human rights.

I proudly introduce you to

To the Literary Sisterhood. 

This is the first time women who have never met each other in person are coming together to share our stories as one united front. This isn’t about making money, it’s about telling stories. It isn’t even about promoting ourselves but instead as one united front saying that our voice matters. That our stories matter.

I’m tired of waiting on people to decide that I matter. So I stepped into my amazing network of women and asked if they wanted to participate and to my (Absolute shock and awe) they said yes.

You can join us on Facebook or find us on Twitter. Any time any day. There are thousands, millions of women who have stories to tell.

Whether you are in Egypt, Africa, America, Canada, England or TimBuckTwo we invite you to join us. To be apart of our legacy, our Sisterhood. Whether it’s to read our stories or tell your own.

Some of us are Christian, and some of us aren’t. Some of us are Black, Indian, White, Chinese. Whatever we are, whoever we become, wherever we’re from we are Us. We are Stronger Together. You can check out the Sisterhood on Facebook here.

Meet the Sisters:

Laura McGowan – Skinny and Single

Heidi Williams – Women Plus

Rachel Thompson – Rachel In the O.C. 

Nicole Lyons – The Lithium Chronicles

Devon Hall – Synful Truth

Jeanine Lebsack – Jsack’s Mom



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    Something magical happened to me tonight. I stood in my power, positively reframed a personal battle within my heart and mind, and I became part of a sisterhood. Read on to the amazing Syndolly’s blog to see just how important this movement is to me and to all of us at the Sisterhood. ❤️

  2. Yes loving the Sisterhood I’m so happy and proud to be a part of this movement. Reblogged and sharing the love. ❤️

    • yay! I am so surprised, I have to say (my own issues) but I am like seriously honored to be surrounded by so many amazing women.

      • It is a gift to find like minded souls. I actually squealed with delight when I found out you’re a Joss Whedon fan! I love his work and have that Angel quote in my gratitude journal. 😃

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