They say the kindest form of flattery is impersonation

I would like to call that bullshit. Somewhere around the spiderweb of my blog you’ll find the words “We live as if the world were what it should be, to show it what it can be”.

Do you know where I first heard those words? In an episode of Angel. A Show about vampires created by my favorite Writer in the whole wide world named Joss Whedon.

Here’s the full quote:


Now I put this here because I can be heard quoting Mr. Whedon a lot. Like every single day of my life. The man is to use a complicated word, a writing God.

I fully intend to meet him one day to shake his hand and say “Thank you for giving me the moral compass I needed to get through all the shit I’ve been through in my life.”

Because that’s what you do when someone you admire has the job you’d love to have. Has the words you in a million years couldn’t convey on your own if you tried.


Beautiful words. Written by Nicole Lyons, not by Ally Donaldson

What you don’t do? Is steal their work and call it your own. Like this lady here.

I love words. I love the way they feel on my tongue. I love that when I settle into my couch to write something for you guys to read the words flow.

Not all the time. Sometimes finding the right words is like getting a tooth pulled by your three year old. They come kicking and screaming, ranting and raving while swearing revenge a pox upon the third house of your fourth child. Writing is not easy. Taking thousands of words and putting them into something creative and inspiring is not easy.

So I find it personally offensive when someone takes words written by someone else and claims them as their own. To many of you this picture is no big deal. Here’s the problem. She’s already published.

My friend Charles Bivona another Writing God (Who just recently published his first book you should all read) once said that no artist should be forced to work for free. Their work deserves payment. I quote a lot of people in my work but I don’t pay them for it. I do quote them, give a link to their site and say thanks for inspiring me.

I’m not actually sure what pisses me off more. The fact that she stole these words to make herself look good or the fact that she’s already a published author.

Do you know how fucking hard it is to get published? You don’t just wake up one day and bam there’s an offer of tens of millions of dollars. Many amazing writers will never be published – at least not in their life time.

It’s only gotten harder as technology has taken over the planet. Every day another twenty gazillion blogs are being published. I watched Charles Bivona struggle for years and although sadly I was unable to help him I recognize that he has now achieved a goal that has taken him more than twenty years. He published a book.

Do you know why I love Joss Whedon so much? It’s not because he’s hot. It’s not even because he’s famous. It’s because in everything he does, in every area of his life he makes a probably not so concentrated effort, to inspire those around him.

I watched everything he’s ever made – except for Firefly because..I just don’t know what happened there. I digress however.

No one has ever had to accuse Mr. Whedon of stealing because he doesn’t have to. He understands that we as artists work hard for our craft and as much as we all want to be famous and end up sipping margaritas on a fucking beach it isn’t going to happen over night.

There are in this world, bloggers, writers and authors. Joss is a writer. For the moment I am a blogger but I am I hope one day going to be able to say that I have achieved my dream and become an Author. I don’t need to write tv shows or movies – that isn’t my dream. My dream is to be a fucking Author.

To see my name on the front back and side covers of a book that “I” wrote using “my” words. Words I’ve learned and been inspired to use by writers like Nicole Lyons, Joss Whedon, Shareen Masnfield, Charles Bivona and the hundreds of other amazing writers I get to talk to every day.

And woe betide any person who decides to steal my words as their own. My words are MY words and you have no right to take them and steal them.

If you can take the time to put my words, ANYONE’S words on a god damn image and add your name you have the time to write the name of the original writer on them.

But hey what the fuck do I know? I’m just another blogger, right?

Te amo loves,

Be kind to each other, We ain’t got much time left.

P.S. The main image for this post is from Google Images

-EDIT- As of the writing and publishing of this post Ally Donaldson removed her stolen post from her facebook page. 


19 thoughts on “They say the kindest form of flattery is impersonation

  1. Thank you: Here is the link to where she blocked me for calling her out, and then blocked about 10 writer friends and deleted their comments calling her out:

  2. oh no, this must be a horrible misunderstanding. that picture that’s posted on here is an original and even though the words belong to Nicole, it doesn’t look to me like she is claiming them as hers. Her page name is the same as her own name.

    • If that’s the case Angela, I wonder why she ignored my very polite messages, and then went ahead and blocked me instead. I don’t see it as so. In fact, she then made a comment that “her” post caused quite the controversy and she “would not deny her feelings.”

      I heart you, btw.


      • Thank you Angela for taking the time to read this post. For me I think, I take issue with the fact that she did actually take credit for the words originally, and then blocked and banned people who complained about it.

        It was only after I posted this piece that she took them down and as far as I am aware has not yet apologized to Nicole. In any way. Not even to say she didn’t mean to make it sound like she was stealing – no excuse nothing. So for me? I think she was well aware of what she did, and was doing and chose to do it anyways thus I’m sorry I just can’t feel empathy for her really.

  3. thanks for the responses, this just doesn’t sound like the person I’ve know for so long. sorry you have had this experience, it makes me sad all the way around. be blessed ❤

      • and yet there’s another one, no space between typos and the smiley face…I give up, completely, I’m too stoned to be on the computer xo

      • Angela, does this woman you know lie and take words? She is claiming to be the original author of something that I wrote, this is so upsetting to me.

        She’s lying through her teeth, not only about the obvious theft of my words, but the response I sent her as well. I could pull the screenshots, I guess.

  4. Perhaps instead of referring to my Artwork as a Google Image you should realise I am the original Author of those words. I did not take your words and say i had penned them and had you approached me politely i would have credited you with them.
    I might even have given you credit for them had i used them in a future book of mine

    • I’m going to do this in one long response here.
      1. I was referring to the image at the bottom of this post not the image you “made” with words you stole.
      2. Either they were your words to begin with – or you took them from Nicole and planned to credit her later in some upcoming book you haven’t written yet, which is it?
      3. I don’t consider stealing someone’s words and claiming them to be your own to be “polite” so I don’t fucking feel I need to give you a fucking polite fucking response.
      4. You’re a theif.
      5. You’re only commenting on it now because you got busted and look like an ass.
      6. I know Nicole and she claims she did contact you politely and you ignored her and then blocked her. I believe her.
      7. My blog – thus I feel no need to be polite.
      8. Have a nice fucking day.

      • Oh Dev, they are NOT her words, and for her to say that they are is despicable and disgusting.
        Ally, are you familiar with copyright laws?

    • Here’s the thing, had i stolen, yes stolen, your words and claimed them as my own, I don’t think I’d care how polite you were. If you had said “bitch. You fucking stole my shit and I’m coming to your house to kill your children, mother and husband” I would have admitted I was a douchebag and added your name to the quote. I would not have ignored you and blocked you from complaining. Undesirable language? How about you to fuck yourself?

    • Oh Ally, I did ask you very politely to credit me with my own words, and you chose to block me. I never once used vile language on your page, others may have in my defense, but I did not.

      Are you honestly claiming my words as your own?

      You are not the original author and you know it, I WROTE THOSE WORDS and for you to say otherwise is beyond despicable.

    • Wow… that’s pretty disgusting. I know for a fact that Nicole wrote the words. You are contradicting yourself. You are saying you wrote the words, then saying you would’ve credited Nicole in an upcoming book. Wake up.
      Let’s hope if you ever have a book, it contains your own words and not ones that belong to someone else. Nicole owns the copyright to these words. So, good luck with putting them in a book.

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