Stop being assholes in the name of God. You aren’t fooling anyone.

This poem was ORIGINALLY written by a woman talking about her future husband, read to him on their wedding day. It was later stolen published by someone else and became one of the world's most famous poems about Jesus Christ.

This poem was ORIGINALLY written by a woman talking about her future husband, read to him on their wedding day. It was later stolen published by someone else and became one of the world’s most famous poems about Jesus Christ.

*TRIGGER WARNING* I have thought long and hard – for years actually – about saying the things you are about to read and I believe in my heart it’s the right thing to do. I’ll understand if you disagree.

Years ago I wrote a piece by this name and it pissed “Legacy” so much that I think it forever altered the way he saw me. I wish I had at the time stood up for what I believed in and published it, but I am going to post it here. Because this is my site and I have the right and freedom to say whatever I want.

Now I can hear his voice even still saying that “just because I can say it doesn’t mean I should” but I think now that I really consider his argument he was wrong then and the voice that stays with me is wrong now. It needs to be said.

It’s a book. It’s made out of a thousand different pages with a billion or so words that tell you how to behave and how to act.

I am so tired of people trying to tell the planet what Jesus would want or what Jesus would do.


  • Jesus didn’t murder people because of the color of their skin.
  • Jesus didn’t hate people for not believing in him – in fact he welcomed them with open arms.
  • Jesus most certainly did not hate people for being Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Transgender or recognizing and appreciating their own truth.
  • Jesus did not judge others.
  • Jesus sure as hell did not say “Marry twenty thousand wives and make sure they are all under age, steal from your governments and starve your under age wives and the children borne of rape and abuse.
  • Jesus sure as bloody hell did not say “Call for the assignation of your opponent when you agree with them.”

Jesus did lived as if the world were what it should be to show it what it can be.

Jesus fed the poor, protected the innocent, saved the dying, cherished the young old crippled and diseased and frankly if you want to talk about what Jesus would do, I think at this point he’d probably kick all our asses.

I am so tired of people using their Religious and Spiritual beliefs as an excuse to hate on each other.

ymov4How can any one of you sane red blooded human beings hate someone one moment and then go to Church every Sunday and claim that you are a man or a woman of God?

Apparently I need to be the one to say this – even if you won’t read or listen, but instead just to say it – because clearly no one is getting it.

Jesus Christ was a man of God.

I truly believe there is a higher power. I believe very much that in this world we are not alone. That there is life after death, or at the very least an existence of sorts.

I truly believe we are put on this earth to be apart of a Universal consciousness. I truly and completely believe there is a line between Light and Dark – Good and Evil.

Maybe it’s because of everything I’ve been through – Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the cruelty and harm we humans can cause each other from the front lines.

Maybe it’s because when the Priests of my childhood talked about how Jesus would want us to treat each other, I actually paid attention.

One of the fundamental life lessons my mother raised me by was that The Church is not God.

I had a lot of issue with the things our local Priest Father Alex would say, and how he and other Priests treated girls compared to boys. Mom would always remind me that the Men who Preach about God, are not in fact “God”.

“God is inside of you, he’s in every fiber in your being”

She would say, and I am only now just beginning to realize the difference in a true way.

I remember when I spoke with a Pastor from the Lutheran Church.

“My God and Your God are very different Gods, and I’m not so certain Your God likes me all that much.”

He laughed and shook his head. “No love, My God has just chosen to show himself to you in a way you were willing to accept.”

That one statement changed everything I believe when it comes to God, the Goddess and everything in between.

No one had ever put it that way before and that one sentence erased any hurt or fear I felt from “God”.

That being said, it also reinforced my fear of Christians.

I used that same argument on a man who is a devote Seventh Day Adventist. “You’re wrong he said and you’re going to hell.”

This is a man who judges and dislikes and goes out of his way to find everything about me wanting. Not good enough and not worthy for the love of God.

This warred in me for a very very long time.

Until I realized his belief is what saved his life. In his reality his feelings about God is what saved his life from a world of addiction and pain and suffering.

I won’t question his belief because I know that as much as I feel an intense need to fight against his beliefs to convince him that he’s wrong about his judgement of others – it’s still his reality.

I am a true believer in the idea that you should do whatever the hell you want as long as your actions, or the consequences of your actions do not cause harm to another person.

From my perspective, in my reality this is the one true essence of God.

God is in love. Love is in God.

I welcome your thoughts, your ideas, your experiences and your ideas. I welcome you to challenge me and tell me that I am wrong, I invite you to share your reality with me.

I understand that for some people taking a knee at the flag or raising your fist can be offensive, but let me make this perfectly clear.

No Man Woman or Child died for your flag. Like the Bible the American/Canadian/Syrian/Whatever Country you’re in Flag is a symbol of your National beliefs, morals and culture.

The American Flag is supposed to be a symbol of National Patriotism and sadly many people – many BLACK people are losing faith in their fellow countrymen and who the hell can blame them?!

Left right and center people of all races, orientations, nationalities, sexuality, genders and gender identities are being murdered – not killed – murdered in the name of “God”.

This is not new, it’s been happening for millions of years. My question to you is when on earth will it stop?

When will we start accepting that  we are all One Race? We are all a part of the same species and if we don’t step up and start taking care of each other we’re not going to survive.

Life shouldn’t be about who’s right and who’s wrong, it should be about enjoying every moment of this beautiful planet. It should be about enriching ourselves and those around us.

Or, you know….we can go back to murdering, raping, pillaging in the name of some unknown entity living somewhere above the clouds in a perfect utopia most of us probably won’t get into because we spent most of our lives being assholes who treated those around us like shit.





“The name corresponds to the Greek spelling Iesous, from which, through the Latin Iesus, comes the English spelling Jesus. The Hebrew spelling Yeshua (ישוע) appears in some later books of the Hebrew Bible.”


3 thoughts on “Stop being assholes in the name of God. You aren’t fooling anyone.

  1. I loved this! There is one piece I don’t necessarily agree with though: ““No love, My God has just chosen to show himself to you in a way you were willing to accept.”

    To me, this says that God is fundamentally different to different people. You are willing to accept God is misogynistic, so He is. You are only willing to accept God is a feminist, so He is.

    God is love, absolutely and unequivocally. We just all need to agree on what love is.

    • I like that because it made me realize that I can be a Witch and still have a love for God – really it opened up my heart, and I think that was the pastors intent. But I do see your point. ❤

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