Frustrated in Surrey

Dear Readers

I am super frustrated. I’ve been working on this amazing mentorship program, which has a really cool scholarship component to it for the last year and it seems like it’s going no where, what should I do?

The problem comes in when you talk about adding people from the community who are living the lives our youth want to be living. When you say “We’re going to bring help in from the outside to mentor these kids” of course parents and teachers get nervous, and yes we have plans and contingencies and we have ways to make sure the kids stay safe.

The problem is that last year I went to the school board and said “I need to know if I’m allowed to do this” and they said “Sure, no problem go ahead you can totally do this, just go straight to the school.” So I did that, and when I finally was at a place where I could meet with someone at the school they said “We need to check with the school board.”

And I said “Sure no problem, go ahead and I’ll check in with them too to make sure what was said last year was still valid.”

Well this year they are telling me they need to have meetings and ask questions – and sure that’s all well and fine except I have done a ton of work that has involved getting big names involved – sports teams and other community minded organizations and now I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me.

I waited weeks from a response from the school, I waited another full week from the School board and now I’m waiting on everyone else to step up and do what they said their going to do and I’ve already lost the biggest organization interested in helping out.

I feel like an idiot.

I feel like a total dupe. I now have to go to the biggest sports team in my city and say “Hey guys thanks for wanting to help but sadly because the board is going through all of their protocols unfortunately you’ll be in the middle of training camp and won’t have time to be a part of the launch that still almost two years later doesn’t have a date.” And it sucks.

I know it will happen, I have faith in myself and I have faith that I’ve created something very special but it’s very frustrating and the reason that I don’t reach out to ask other people for help.

Frankly it’s the reason that I spend a lot more time working on solo projects rather than on projects involving other people. I work better when I’m alone – I can work with a team, so long as I’m leading that team.

Since I am technically the leader of this current endeavor I have to sit back and wait for everyone else to play their part and I hate that.

Any advice readers? Because Patience is not my strongest skill and I have no idea how to wait.