Link Your Life – How Connecting with Others changed my life

Have you ever noticed the most inspiring people are often the most ignored or broken?

I’d like to talk to you about connections.

I spend a lot of time thinking about connections. About the Butterfly Affect, if you will.

It’s so very interesting to me at how so many of the inconsequential things that happen on a daily basis, the things we take for breakfast, like what we choose to wear or how we choose to do our hair can have a severe affect on the rest of our day.

For some of us it’s choosing to have coffee in the morning – without having that first cup of coffee starts our day off in the right way. Whereas not having that cup can put us in the worst mood which alters how the rest of our day will go.

I remember once walking to work. For some reason even though every day for a good three years I walked the exact same way day after day, for some unknown reason this particular day I chose to take a different route.

Turns out the bank on my usual route was being robbed at the same time.

Here’s another example.

Several years ago two women with separate lives, women who had never met before – had no real awareness of each other met on Facebook.

Turns out they are sisters. It was this connection, this bond that helped to create what we now know as the Link Your Life network of writers, bloggers, knowledge seekers and artists who gather every Friday to share their work and participate in supporting each other.

Shareen and Shawna have spent a great deal of time creating, organizing and cultivating this group. Creating a network of people all across North America and the World who want to share their life lessons, knowledge and views on the world while supporting each other.

None of this would have been possible if Shareen had not given Shawna the push she needed to make her dreams come true.

I have several people in my life like that.

Ace reminds me to think about what I write and how I write it.

Charles reminds me that unless I am actually “writing” I am not really breathing.

Kelly reminds me to stop making the same mistakes over and over again.

There’s another connection I want to tell you about, one I’ve never shared before.

Last year I met a man that I fell in love with without ever planning or meaning to.

It’s a connection I do not share often because he makes me vulnerable. He puts me in the uncomfortable position of wanting more out of life – wanting to be healthy and strong and smarter and emotionally stronger than I ever thought I could be.

Without him I do not believe in all honesty I would know what it was like to truly be in love. For the first time in my life this is a person who not only (Annoyingly) gets who I am as a person but doesn’t feel the need to explain how he feels about me.

I’ve never felt or experienced that before. Like being a part of the LYL Group – I’ve never experienced being “Apart” of something before. I don’t submit every Friday, some Friday’s I merely read.

I become curious and interested, I learn and I seek out knowledge in ways I haven’t felt comfortable doing before.

This blog was supposed to be a way to track my progress but because of Link Your Life I have come to realize in a very real way that although I may not have intended it, it’s become more of a “Wake up and pay the fuck attention to the world around you.”

I am not the conventional blogger -whatever that means- just like I am not the conventional person. I have come to terms with the fact that I am hard to live with, and even harder to love. I know that I do not make it easy on the man I love (not that he’s easy to love either.) but maybe that’s why we love each other.

Maybe it’s because we’re both such hard people to live with – such hard people to love that we were destined to find and annoy the hell out of each other for all time.

I know that the book Fifty Shades of Gray made it easier for millions of women to stop being ashamed of their sexuality. Regardless of the book and it’s contents (however wrong and detrimental to the mental health of anyone who believes that crap is real BDSM or not) it did help millions of women.

Connections are every where. Somewhere out there a woman or a man who are now happier with their life because they no longer feel the need to hide their true selves.

Writers, artists, bloggers, painters, musicians, actors – no matter who you are as a person you are waking up to something that now makes you happier because of some tiny connection you didn’t realize at the time would eventually change your life in unexpected ways.

It was just after I joined LYL that I started taking the CLIC Program which made me take a serious look at my life and my job and it was only after joining LYL and participating in the group *in a very limited capacity* that I started to change my style of writing. That I started to start writing about positive things instead of constantly bitching about the negatives.

LYL Has changed my perspective on life and by changing my perspective I’m a lot more well adjusted I dare even say “happy” that I expected to be at this point in my life. Who’da thunk it?

So thank you Shawna for having the idea. Thank you Shareen for pushing her to achieve her dreams. I hope and I pray that the next year of your life brings you less stress and more dancing naked, laughter, love and joy.

You two women have changed the life of so many and I hope you realize now how much power an idea can have.

If you want to participate in Link Your Life simply look us up on Facebook or tag your blog posts with #LinkYourLife every Friday.

Te Amo Lil Birds.

With all my love,