WikiLeaks, The Voice of Anonymous

For the first time in four years I am actually not afraid to talk about Anonymous or WikiLeaks. I also admit that I am not as smart as a lot of people who used the Anonymous collective to hide themselves. A lot of those people are amazing. They are innovators, they are truly inspiring.

Like Jeremy Hammond – an innovator a leader- A Person many dislike a person I love. A man I had the privalege of getting to know. I am one of the last he spoke to before he was arrested.

Barrett Brown – A man I actually don’t particularily like. I think he’s an arrogant ass. I also think he’s fucking Brilliant. I don’t say this easily. He and I have had many fights over Tiny Chat and in the Anon rooms – usually while he was high as fuck. He’s rude, arrogant and unapologetic, which is why he’s sitting in a jail cell right now. He ran his mouth too much and pissed off the wrong people.

JayMack9  One of my best friends in the world. Shot dead by a police officer in Dawson Creek. Within Days people were taking donations on his behalf but it wasn’t for him. The police officer has never been named, no charges have been laid and from what I was told by the two investigating officers they were not being given any information.

Tsargirl who traveled to Canada was taken, held for a month and promptly removed from Canada and told not to return.

I know people who had a profound impact on Egypt, on Syria. Who have taken bullets in a war that was not there own in order to protect innocent women and children, from American Soldiers. One man in particular who was excommunicated from his family for becoming a Muslim after his tour of duty.

A wonderful kind loving beautiful man.

I know hundreds of beautiful kind loving men and women around the world who have had profound impacts on all of you. The unsung hero’s in every way that sentence matters, of our generation. People you will never know even existed. People who’s names will not go down in the halls of history. People that for all you know do not even exist.

Julian Assange is not one of them. Four years ago he was refereed to as “The Anonymous Hero – The Voice of Anonymous.” He was the key. Hackers would gather information and he would release it.

Here’s the thing that these people never understood. Assange and Wikileaks decided when and to whom that information would be released. They alone held the power of millions of lives in their hands and they wielded it even then as they chose, by their standards. Not yours and not mine. This hasn’t changed. Not then not now and it never will.

Julian even when he did (Rarely) come into the chats was an arrogant mouthy shit who was always in control. He was cold, he could be the cruelest of the cruel and he enjoyed it. We all did. It was “The Anonymous Way.” It was how “NewFags” were taught, accepted.

There was and will always be a cruelty that Anonymous perfected long ago on the boards of /b/ that no other human can understand. If you can hang, then you get to become 3l33t, if you cannot hang you are bullied abused and doxed until you run away in tears.

In my case I was called a pedophile, my work place information doxed, my family info doxed articles I supposedly wrote put up on the internet. I will never forget one particular nasty troll saying “Raped over thirty times but never has sex.” I’ve said before that was the tweet that got people to stop because they were afraid of being labeled Rape Apologists.

I digress, because this isn’t about me. It is about you understanding one very important fundamental fact.

Any of you who read this (and believe me I know you are out there.) who defended him then and are pretending to act shocked and surprised that he has as much control as he does now, that he is as evil as he is proving himself to be, are full of shit. I see right through you and for whatever little it matters it pisses me off.

As I write this I admit and I wonder, is it safe? Is it wise? Should I? I have fear. I have fear of retribution – it’s what I expect. I expect people to be angry that I am calling them on their shit but you know what? I’ve been afraid for four fucking years.

I have been afraid of stepping up and saying how I really feel for four years because you’re smarter than me, because you might have skills, because you might make my computer blow up or get me arrested because hey that’s what we did to each other right?

I have never, will never be a fan of Doxing. I don’t like it now and I was a huge voice against trying to end it four years ago. Nine out of ten times people being doxed didn’t actually do anything wrong, they just pissed off the wrong part of the “collective.” Or they weren’t cool enough. Whatever.

This is the fear that Julian Assange lived by. He has notoriously ruined lives.

He has gotten men and women arrested and most recently released the names, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses of women running from abusive men. No just one or two but thousands of them. When called on it his response? “So what, we cannot be responsible for the information in those emails”

Except he is responsible. And you the Hackers the Elite, The power hungry “I wanna change the world at any and all costs” full of shit wannabe’s have put him in this position. You continuously have given him the keys to every kingdom on the globe.

You praise him when he does as you please and try to tear him down when he does not. You have created a monster and there is no stopping him.

Do you really think if the President of the United States of America wanted Julian Assange or Edward Snowden dead they wouldn’t be dead? Of course not if you believe that you need to go back to grade five.

They are free because they have the 1 thing that makes the current world move. They are free because they have information.

You really think they are stupid enough to hand over everything they know to the powers that be? Of course not. Both these men good or bad have held back just enough information to keep themselves safe. They have contingency plans upon contingency plans.

They know how to move how to escape and you’re helping them. I’m not saying I think Edward Snowden is in any way in the same league as Assange by the way, because let’s face it as I’ve said many times over the years. Assange was born in the seventh level of Satan’s asshole (Feel free to quote me press people. I don’t actually mind this time.)

For years Anonymous told you to stop acting like mindless drones. To wake up to what was happening in the world.

And then the Arab Spring exploded. Egypt Exploded. For one singular beautiful moment – to quote the most amazing man I know that has ever or will ever lived – we united.

Every country, every city in the world became apart of the Occupy movement. (Which by the way was destroyed by a fucking FALSE Rape allegation – no matter what anyone says. I was there (there in a metaphysical sense. – damnit I was on Twitter fuck off) I talked to HUNDREDS of various people and I know that’s exactly how Occupy Wall Street was destroyed and so do many of you. )

One by One the Anons began to turn on each other. Drama that we didn’t even start tore us apart. People began to get famous, they made money off of it. (Anyone remember Your Anon News prior to the whole cups bullshit?)

I was once even accused of being a thief. Let’s talk about that. We were supposed to have a Gay Pride float. I collected money over 2500 dollars. 2000 from my best friend and 500 dollars from another Anon that I Have REPEATEDLY over the years offered to repay only to be trolled and ignored – so that ship has sailed whatever. Done.

The float never happened because your then hero “Jake Daynes” dissapeared with even more money and donations and I was blamed. At the very last moment I was on my way on a trip to whistler and I got a call requesting my immediate appearance at Gay Pride Vancouver. Jake had vanished with the money for the float HE was going to have built and the paperwork to prove that Anonymous was supposed to be there. Problem was I was already 2 hours out from Vancouver and there was no way I was going to get back in time.

When I finally did get back of course it was my fault. Even though I had agreed to go with what the “collective” voted on. I let him take over because it was what YOU the collective anons asked for.

When I “joined” Anonymous I thought I was getting involved in something that mattered. At least for awhile.

I had the absolute joy of being a part of random strangers who I cannot name who I will never meet or talk to and tried to find a little girl who was sold into sex slavery by her own mother in Lithuania. As far as I’ve been able to tell she’s now a porn star on PornHub.

Her aunt has been jailed repeatedly and her father a judge and lawyer in the case murdered.

I had the pleasure of helping to find children – here’s the thing though. The first and only time that I participated in an #opPedoHunt that was successful – in which the child was found was today. It was the most amazing brilliant feeling. It reminded me why #OpPedoHunt, why #amberAlert is so fucking important. It reminded me what I thought Anonymous was supposed to be about.

Today I got to participate in making sure a gorgeous beautiful little angel got home safe. Never before have I been able to say that about any child I’ve tried to help save. It’s a feeling I won’t even try to explain because I just don’t fucking know how. I just don’t.

What’s the point of this spiel?

Here it is. The honest to God’s highest power truth.

Four years later and you are still all fucking sheep.

There are hero’s in this world. I’m not one of them. You probably aren’t either. The hero’s are the ones who don’t talk about what they do. They don’t do it for fame or even as I am currently doing, to make a point. They do it because it’s the right thing to do.

Julian Assange has never been one of those guys. Ever. He’s sold out other activists. He’s helped to arrest hackers. He’s helped to destroy lives in every possible way – disagree?! He’s doing it RIGHT NOW!

He has always been about himself. Remember when he was accused of raping some of his staffers?! What happened to that?! When that allegation came out everyone was shocked. I rolled my eyes and kept my mouth shut back then.

Now I just can’t.

He is actively playing a part in influencing the American Vote in November and you are letting him. You’re doing exactly what he wants you to do. You are drinking the kool-aid. STOP IT.

Do you really think he gives a fuck about you? He doesn’t even live in America any more – and depending on how your vote goes in November he won’t be back any time soon.

This is your chance. Inform yourself – Don’t just read WikiLeaks and think they are giving you all information for free. They aren’t. There is plenty of information that they haven’t released yet ask yourself why.

Because they can’t “Verify it” ? Bullshit.

They are doing one of three things:

  • Releasing what they want to release because it fits their Agenda
  • Releasing what they are paid to release
  • Releasing just enough information to keep themselves relevant.

Or all three. Not sure which but I am going to guess it’s all three, and you are falling for it.

Every news paper in the world is owned by various companies that intersect and the information we get these days is so watered down and wishy washy and it’s our fault.

Journalists are supposed to be “The Voice of the People” and instead just like we are doing with Assange and WikiLeaks we are allowing them to give us the narrative they want us to have.

Do you remember being told as a child “you are the future, you will rule our world one day” Well kids. That day is today. WE Rule the world and instead of taking our power and using it we’re handing over because it’s the easy thing to do. Which by the way is fucking stupid.

Put down the god damn guns. Quit shooting each other. Quit attacking each other because of Race, Creed, Nationality, Size, Color and for crying out loud Religion – which by the way is the stupidest list of reasons ever to hate someone, and start thinking for yourselves.

Ask yourself why you are so apathetic. You say you won’t vote because “my vote doesn’t matter” 541 votes made George Bush President, a second time. Yeah that went well didn’t it?

It is time. Pull the stick out of your asses, put on your adult pants and skirts and get out there and vote. Use your voices use your words.

Occupy did it. For one beautiful stunning gorgeous moment the ENTIRE WORLD STOOD TOGETHER EVERY CITY EVERY COUNTRY and they listened. Then they shut us down and WE let them.

WE are the reason our world is as fucked up and broken as it is and the ONLY way it is ever going to change is if we step and stop giving people like Assange to narrate and dictate our actions.

Assange isn’t the hero of this leak story. It shouldn’t even be a story.

You all bitch about privacy? This was a MASSIVE privacy breach. Even Politicians deserve some privacy.

“Until One of us is free NONE of us is Free.” Yeah I know where it came from I also know that it’s absolute fucking truth. One we MUST live by if we as a human race are ever to survive.  We’re destroying ourselves and for crying out loud. For the love of all that matters our generation is a fucking joke.

Ironically Michael Jackson’s Black Or White just came on my phone as I write this. I think the Universe is agreeing with me.


An Inch, it is small and it is fragile, but it is the only thing the world worth having. We must never lose it or give it away. We must never let them take it from us. I hope that whoever you are, you escape this place. I hope that the world turns and that things get better. But what I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that even though I do not know you, and even though I may never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you. I love you. With all my heart, I love you. -Valerie”

Yeah I know. It’s from V for Vendetta a movie that inspired the entire world like it or not and not one word of that quote is wrong or illogical. I do not know you. I may never meet you. I will never sit and laugh with you or cry with you, but I DO love you I love you with every thing I have because whether we agree or disagree you are a human being.

Except Assange. He’s the spawn of something dark and gross upside Satan’s Anus. I’m not even slightly sorry for this.

Make up your own mind. Stop letting the Global Narrative be YOUR narrative. Think for yourself. Think FREE. Think TRUTH.

Te Amo

Devon Hall


**DISCLAIMER – NONE of my words about Julian Assange should be taken as “Fact” they are my personal “FREE LEGAL RIGHT” to freedom of speech – in other words it’s my opinion. Cause this is my blog and my blog hosts nothing but my opinion. I put this here so that Julian Assange cannot come after me in any legal way for saying shit that ain’t true. It’s more than likely true. He knows it. I know it. If you researched him you’d probably see it too. If it’s not 100% true it’s at least 85% true. Especially the Satan part. I can’t prove that either because no one can find anything about the man much before he ran for “Freedom” But again I’m pretty sure I’m probably 100% on point there too.

This is a legal disclaimer to protect me from any form of legal harassment by the ASSange team.

Feel free to quote me on anything in this post Regarding WikiLeaks Anonymous or Julian Assange. Do not contact me asking for times, dates and names. You won’t get it.. 🙂

If nothing I wrote here makes you think, or question your “news” sources, do me a favor. Hell do yourselves a favor. Look into these eyes and just ask yourself. What do YOU see?