White Slavery is Real


The ceremony took place in a warehouse. There were hundreds of candles that lit the large building. On the balconies and stairs stood hundreds of women and children. On the chairs in the main room sat their sons their fathers husbands uncles and cousins.

Some of the younger men had broken arms or bruises on their faces. One particularly sad looking man stood in the shadows. His name was Eldon. He was the second son of the thirty fifth man. He was once quite handsome. Tonight however he had a large deep and angry scar that went from his left blue eye across his nose to the right corner of his chin. 

A punishment for trying to steal another man’s potential wife. They call this “Correction.” 

While the women and children waited no one spoke. In the center of the large room, seated at a long table in front of the men seated sat the council. Their table was filled with food and wine. The children looked on hungrily. Many of the three hundred children had not had anything since breakfast. Most would not have anything until the next day. 

As the “Council” Leaders, the Chosen men finished their food and wine – a luxury no other member of the Order was allowed to partake in one lone figure stood at the podium in the center of the room. 

His name was Albidihus King, Sr. He was the leader of The Order of the Prophet Jeremiah Smith. A polygamist group living in secret just outside of Arizona. 

As he moves to the podium an energy hits the room. This is the moment. This is the moment where every man in this room will find out their fate. They will learn whether or not they will be brought into the fold, or excommunicated from the Order. 

Three hundred children,  four hundred men in total, fifteen leaders. At least two hundred and fifty men or boys will be excommunicated. 

They will be removed for “Correction”. This means they will be sent away from the only home they’ve ever known here in Arizona and sent to other sects or lands owned by the Order in order to slave their lives away for the “Glory of God’s Love is passed to those who devote their lives to his needs”. His needs of course always in line with the wants and needs of the Order’s council. 

Each man has either been numbered or sent for correction. Now it is time for the girls. Every girl over the age of 12 is eligible for marriage. 

There are three girls to every man. The men choosing husbands today are all over the age of thirty five. Most of these men are cousins or uncles of the girls waiting in line to find out who they might be marrying. 

flds-leader-lyle-jeffsMost people in the various Order’s do not learn about their family or their responsibilities until they are old enough to be brainwashed and trusted with “State secrets.”

Most children do not know the names of their birth father’s until they reach ages eight to ten. This way they understand the importance of keeping a secret.

Women are often forced to lie about the father’s so that they can collect welfare and foodstamps. They are often raped, and beaten into submission.

Those who “Work” for the order are often paid in “Scritch” which is basically credits. When you work a certain amount of hours you can accumulate this Scritch and then spend it at Order run businesses.

Should you decide to take your actual money out of an “Order Bank” they will do whatever they can to keep it from you. Often when a woman or man escapes they do so with nothing.

These people are given no education, they are given nothing and cut off completely.

If a person is lucky they might escape with a few prized possessions and be left alone.
Screenshot_3Depending on your number, who you are married to or who your parents are you may be kidnapped and brought back and sent to be “corrected.”

For years Anonymous went after Scientology because it is a global cult but I have to ask why no one in America or Canada seems to care that these groups are working here on our own soil.


There are rumors that Lyle Jeff’s who has escaped may be hiding in secret safe houses. There
are even more rumors that “Bountiful” a polygamist group here in British Columbia has ties to the groups in Utah and Arizona. If that is true then I wonder if Lyle Jeffs is going to make a run for Canada or Mexico…another place these White Slave Owners have ties.

It is long past time that we stand up for these women. They want to escape. They want to do stupid things like wear make up dye their hair and you know not be forced to marry their 50 year old uncles at the ripe old age of thirteen.

At this moment a man named “Lyle Jeffs” is currently missing. He had at one point claimed both a 12 year old and a 15 year old as his “Spiritual Wives” and was arrested and charged with raping both.








I was able to get all of this information in just a couple of clicks and our trusty friend google. If you or anyone you know has the ability to help these women and children escape these KNOWN child abusers, rapists and wife beaters please do so.

The Darkness only wins until someone is courageous enough to turn on a light. There are without a doubt a few brave souls helping these women and children escape, but they need our help.


With all my love

Devon Hall