Somewhere in the world a young man is getting ready for a date on Saturday Night.

He is getting up every morning and going through his morning routine. Having a shower and picking out the perfect outfit to impress his boss or clients with. Perhaps he is putting on extra cologne in order to impress that cute co-worker he has that anticipated date with.

Perhaps he’s having cereal for breakfast. Coffee with it, it will be the first of many cups during the day.

It’s a stressful week. Clients are harping about deadlines, bosses bitching about bottom lines. Saturday can’t get here fast enough.

During the week he goes for a drink with friends, mom calls but he makes a mental note to call her next week when he isn’t so busy.

Dad calls they talk for a bit but it’s a superficial conversation. Work is good. No relationships yet. Too busy don’t have time. Gotta go, call you back next week. Yeah yeah love you.

Saturday night comes. It’s time to go out. Better make that call to Uber. Get it organized early just in case the night goes late.

The date is wonderful. He offers dinner and drinks. He’s even gone out of his way to make the arrangements. What a sweet heart. Great spot, kind of funky with a touch of class. It’s a high end place, no Mc Donald’s for this princess. It’s a good time. He talks, he listens he pays attention. He’s interested in the conversation.

Dancing comes next. A few drinks in and hey let’s take this back to our place…the Uber is already ordered.

On the way out the door, nearly there, the anticipation has been building all week. A hard work week, ended by a wonderful date with a gorgeous man who wants spend the night with our young man.

They never make it.

Death is standing at the door of the night club, unseen and unheard. Unnoticed until it is too late.

This is the reality for hundreds of men and women today. Not just those who were trapped waiting to receive their death notice, but for the families of the victims and the survivors. The response teams who had to answer the call.

The clean up crews who had to go and clean up the bodies.

The employees who will have to return to work in a place that went from being a place filled with laughter and fun and drama and excitement to a forever memorial of death.

Every Gay man and every Lesbian woman in the United States of America will now go out on Saturday night and wonder. “Is this the night I will die?” Does that sound melodramatic to you? It shouldn’t.

It should sound exactly right. In less then 1 week one man was caught prepared to murder thousands at a Gay Pride Parade and another took the lives of fifty men and women, because he saw two men kissing, or holding hands or dancing depending on who you speak to.

Either way this Saturday night Every Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender person will prepare to go out wondering if this Saturday Night is the night they too will lose their lives because someone is standing in the shadows with the Guardian of Death in their hearts.

It’s what I would be wondering.

Will I die tonight because some sick pathetic sorry excuse for a human being hates himself enough to take out as many of us as he can?

There are certain clubs I do not go to in my town because of the people who hang out there – because I am sometimes afraid of what might happen to me. I don’t have to worry about my sexuality being an issue.

I’m lucky that way.

To me Saturday night is a night I cherish. As a woman it’s a night I look forward too a lot during the week days. I get excited at taking my shower and finding the perfect outfit, knowing I might get asked to dance and share a laugh with a charming man.

A night I enjoy spending time with my friends at the local club – sharing a laugh or a secret smile.

Saturday Night.

A night we all take for granted. A Night we all get dressed up and excited to go out and party.

A night that will never be the same again.

I am an advocate for anyone and everyone who contemplates Suicide, but this was not suicide. This was murder. It was the very essence of what evil can do to a person.

This is a story that will not go away any time soon. The LGBTQ community will use it as fuel to remind every single person on this planet that they deserve to be loved and cherished. That their lives matter. As they should.

We cannot ever as long as we live allow ourselves to forget…Saturday Night.

What will you be doing this Saturday Night?