Dear Anonymous Victim of Abuse

I want you to know I have been where you are.

I too have felt the sting of having my innocence stolen.

I too learned the hard way that my body belongs to whatever male counterpart wishes to use it according to his desire or will – regardless of how I feel about it.

I too know what it is like to feel isolated and alone – to have people wish I would just “get over it”

I too wore heavy clothing to hide my body afraid that showing the tiniest hint of cleavage would inspire a man to grab, touch, grope or rape me.

I too have felt the sting of not being able to hug shake a hand kiss or touch another human being afraid of giving them the wrong impression.

I too have been terrified that smiling too much or too little will give away my personal thoughts of fear or disgust.

I too have felt like everyone can look at me and see, everyone knows that I am somehow different, broken and damaged, deflowered and impure.

I too have been ashamed of the moments, the tiny moments of pleasure I received during sex in fear that it made past rapes and abuses less real.

I too have been afraid of letting any man touch me,  in even the tiniest ways because he might get aggressive and push too hard.

I too learned the hard way that it wasn’t my fault.

I too learned the hard way that it’s okay to accept myself, body mind and spirit.

I too learned the hard way that sexual pleasure is not a bad thing. I too learned the hard way that it’s okay to enjoy sexual encounters without feeling guilty about my past.

I am sorry that you feel alone. I am so sorry that you feel broken and isolated, that you feel ashamed and sad but I want you to know, you are not alone. You are not broken you are slightly damaged and it will get better.

I know that it is hard to look at the world with the rose colored glasses we were born with. We have lost our naivete, our innocence. We have lost to a certain extent, a part of our freedom.

We see the world in a different light now. Shadows and darkness, and while we cannot escape the darkness we see we can however decide not to live in it. This is a lesson I am trying to remind myself of every day. Every day is a battle to live in the light, even though the darkness is so comforting, so easy to slide into.

I admit I am on the prepuces I am living in the dark and as I write this for you I realize it is as much for myself.

You are not alone.

I am not alone.

We Are not alone.

With all my love,



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    • Welcome! I can honestly promise if you keep at it, not just sharing your stories but releasing them from your inner vault you will find a light you didn’t know existed. I have followed you and look forward to reading your words and learning about your life. ❤

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