30 Day Challenge

You know what I loath? With every fiber of my salt and tequila loving body? I loath good ideas. Because when I have them, I give them out, and then beautiful women such as the amazing @shawnamawna and @ShareenM  go out of their way to make them happen.

Such as the #LinkYourLife 30 Day Challenge. This was my brilliant idea, and so of course I have to participate, because if I don’t then I can’t expect any of you guys to participate can I? So without further adu here’s my first offering. First and Foremost I do want to thank @shawnamawna and @ShareenM for coming up with the topics because I had 0 idea how it would look so without you it totally wouldn’t be happening.


Explore a Troubling Memory. 

Last week I set a doctors appointment for next week. This week however I got a call requesting that I come in immidiatly to talk to said doctor.

I was worried, and as it turns out I had every right to be.

Turns out that I am so anemic that at any point in time I could have a heart attack. He’s actually worried about Congestive Heart Failure. Well. Now so am I.

Granted he’s a great doctor and I trust him very much but he wants to start taking iron pills – I’m supposed to wait until Monday Afternoon to take them because Monday Morning I have to go in for more blood tests as well as a stool test (I am so not excited about this.) Either way it’s not going to be an easy fix.

Currently my hemoglobin levels are at 79. At 75 they send you to the hospital for an emergency blood transfusion and iron injection.

I am not working right now which Doc says is a plus. I’m basically on bed rest no heavy lifting, no long walks, nothing that will get my heart racing because the harder it pumps the worse I’ll feel until I eventually pass out and possibly force myself into a heart attack.

So that’s where I am this week. I am troubled and I am scared. I haven’t eaten much because since I’m not working I can’t exactly afford to buy a whole load of groceries, at least not until next week – I’ll be okay but I just ..I feel myself slipping into depression.

I’m very carefully watching and noticing who’s picking up the phone to check up on me, who so much has bothered to send me an email or even a text.

I notice these things and  I find myself growing even more sad. I am still in the phase in my life where people I thought were genuine friends could care less, but I will of course be expected to care when they fall or when they are so sick that getting out of bed takes the air out of their lungs.

I am so overly exhausted that I don’t have it in me to be the nice one any more. Pick someone else I’m done.