My life as a Writer

The moment I decided to write a novel I also decided I would tell people. I knew if I told people that this is what I was doing they would ask me questions, and it would keep me in the head space of knowing that I had set a goal for myself. It would make sure that every day would be spent working on the story.

Of course as a writer I want my work to be appreciated, pulled apart, loved and hated. Thus I start inevitably thinking about how I would market such a thing – how would I get it published? What would the cover look like? What parts of the story are super important and what can I leave out? How much of myself do I see in the character and how many young women will respond in a positive way?

So naturally between writing bouts and mediating on what story it is I’m trying to tell I realize something very important.

It doesn’t matter.

I am so far away from the novel being finished and designed and published that none of that stuff matters, so I try to force myself to stop talking about it.

I do have some really great grande ideas that I can’t wait to share with you but for the time being those ideas are taking a back burner. As they should.

Recently my very good friend JD Nero asked me to read his current project, which when finished will become what I am sure a very beautiful project, but the one major question I had for him that all writers must ask themselves is “Why does this matter?” Followed by “Why should anyone care about these people and their story?”.

That’s something that is always in the background of my mind as I write. “What would make Adara seem approachable, why does she matter? Can anyone else relate to this?” Not just because I want the book marketable but because and probably most importantly, any story that can connect people – that can give them the key to recognizing something within, is a story that can change a life.

Whether someone wants to be a pirate or a Sex God – a demon or a witch these stories connect with people because they remind us of our secret fantasy’s and teach us a lesson.

Stories are the lifeblood of the human race. Long before we had a language we had the art of story telling, it’s kept our history alive and as a woman passionate about the art of wordsmithery I am truly honored to be apart of the amazing beautiful honorable tradition of sharing stories.

You can read my current project “Legend of a Broken Casquette Girl” live on my site. If you are a writer and you have a live project your working on below let me know so I can check it out.

Keep Writing,

With all my love,