What A Lovely Thing To Wake Up To


Let me start by saying I’ve never been nominated for a blog award before – I mean there was like the “Official” blog awards but then life happened and I totally lost that. So while this is the 2nd “official” blog award I’ve ever been nominated for, it’s the first blog award someone else has ever nominated me for. (The Blog Awards are self nominated.) Which makes this one feel all the more special.

Then, you throw in the fact that the amazing Shawna Ayoub Ainslie nominated me makes me feel not just proud but really very special.

Not just because she has a lovely blog, but because she’s a lovely person. I met Shawna a few weeks maybe months ago through a hash tag on twitter called #LinkYourLife, I joined the FB group and promptly did what I always do I ignored the hell out of it.

Then I met some lovely people and through them I started writing more and letting my words actually flow and I even discovered how much I like creative writing, even though I am currently hiding my favorite project on you – it’ll be back soon I hope.

The point to this rant is that although the nomination is nice, what’s really much nicer is the way that the people of #LinkYourLife inspire me to be better, to get up every day and do something, anything, even if it’s take out the garbage or go for a walk with the dog.

There are rules to this nom of course, so here goes:

  1. I used to work in addictions and as much as I disliked my job while I was doing it, I really do miss some aspects of helping people get their lives back on track.
  2. I have severe anemia and because it is not a registered “Disability” and also since I am not currently working I can’t afford the iron pills I need to keep my iron count up which means I live daily with severe exhaustion and anxiety. Have you ever wondered if you were going to pass out at the grocery store? I worry about this every day.
  3. I suffer from depression which means that I never know if it’s going to be a good day or a bad day – lately there have been more good days than bad days.
  4. I am always saying that I want to quit smoking. I think I’ve quit eight times this year alone. I’m smoking as I write this. -_-
  5. I “know” I am a good writer, but I do have that annoying voice that tells me I’m not.
  6. I’m not as confident as I pretend.
  7. I am love a lot of people – some more than others, one in particular, but I don’t think I have ever been “in” love.

Whew! That was actually pretty hard.

Now it’s time to nominate some other lovely blogs there’s so many amazing writers out there.

  • Charis Amy I met this beautiful young woman at an event called SheTalks and since then twitter has made me love her. She’s kind and gentle and she’s learning every day who she is. I am so proud to not only know her but nominate her. She doesn’t write often but when she does it’s from the soul and you can’t ask for more than that.
  • Straight Man Seeks Knowledge is a beautiful blog. This man. Everything about him and his writing, the fact that he opens up about sexuality in a way most men don’t, the way he talks about his past the way most men don’t and most importantly the way he gives us insight into the way a man thinks, the way most men don’t. I heart this blog so fucking much.
  • Skipah talks about relationships, love life and the world according to a divorced dad. We don’t often give enough praise to men when they open up about their feelings, so Skipah I am proud to be the one who gets to give you the nom.
  • M.M. Leonard I met this man through his amazing group writing project called “Exploits of a midnight traveler” and was lucky to be apart of it, I can’t wait to write another chapter. He’s creative, inventive and everything an artist should be.
  • JSack’s Mom I HATE mommy blogs but I love this one. I don’t know why maybe it’s because Mom is such a gentle soul and she’s what a mom should be – kind and gentle and loving and cares enough to send letters to a town filled with people who are killing themselves, maybe it’s just because she’s awesome. Whatever, she totally gets a nomination.

Those are my votes. So many lovely blogs. Love you guys




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