For Everyone in BC, Vancouver, Surrey, New West, Richmond

If you are living in BC right now you remember how hot and how dry last summer was. Last Summer Martin Rooney and Barinder Rasode started this and this year we MUST continue this project.

Last year we waited until about June to jump in to start collecting and handing out water. This year because I am no longer working at SUMS I don’t have a place to store water so I am asking you all to help out.

We are asking people to collect bottles of water, keep about 10-30 of them in your car or two or three bottles on extra on your person to hand out.

On Monday I will be calling Water Bottle Companies around the country as well as stores in the lower mainland to ask if they would be willing to donate some bottles of water to hand out. I will be looking for partners/volunteers to help hand out water not only to those who are homeless but also to children and the Elderly.

I will also be asking stores and places around Surrey Center to store and hand out extra bottles in case of an emergency. It’s going to be very hot and to risk people passing out due to dehydration if not worse we are going to need to pull together. If you are interested in helping out please let me know by sending me a message on my facebook page, “Devon Hall

I am going to be making a list of all the places that need to be contacted on Monday morning. ALL the help you guys can provide from handing out water to storing it will be incredibly helpful. Let’s get ahead of the problem, before it becomes a problem.

Volunteers with cars will be needed to help pick up water and drop it of at various locations around the city. We’ll also need team Captains in New West and Vancouver BC.

Again if interested in helping out you can reach me at My public FB Page here.

I will be updating here and on the page to let you guys know whats coming!