Writer’s Write: Calix Leigh-Reign

CalixCan you tell our readers about yourself and your book? I consider myself to be an ineffable person and I wince away from labels. I love to read, write, listen to music, watch movies, walk, go out and be one with nature. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. The middle child of 6 (one sibling came 15 years late LOL). My debut novel, Opaque, is a Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy involving mutated Limbal rings, supernatural powers, perplexing ancestry and of course, love. 16 year-old Russian mutant, Adam, is psychologically troubled because he’s clueless about his genetic and biological ancestry. When he reaches puberty, his bio-core surges to life like a fusion reactor because it recognizes that his soulmate, Carly, has arrived. Together, they peel back the layers of Adam’s perplexing Russian ancestry to uncover the source of his mental darkness — unmasking twisted secrets along the way. Opaque is scheduled to be published by GenZ Publishing and will be available for sale soon.

Describe how you first got into writing: I didn’t speak much as a child. I was nearly silent. I expressed myself through written word. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a writer. Seriously, as far back as 5 years-old. I’ve always loved to read and accordingly, write. I’d write my thoughts/observations of the world, songs, poems and short stories. I wrote my first complete poem and at 7 and first complete song at 9. I still have the originals on faded paper.

Can you tell me some of your strengths that really helped you in writing? Reading. A lot. Learning. Becoming a parent. Messing up. Life. Making mistakes and being imperfect.

What would be your ideal working environment? The beach, the park or at home on my bed as the sun is setting.

Tell me about your proudest achievement? I’m not a prideful person. For the sake of human description, I’d consider myself as modest and humble. With that being said, my heart (which is not my own). Living my life in more than just survival mode. Rising above the abundance of hatred, monotony and enslavement in the world. Opaque is a product of that.

What is your greatest achievement outside of writing? My 2 daughters; though they are just loaners from God.

What do you find the most frustrating aspect of writing? Writing itself, without outside influences, is purely magical. It’s immensely enjoyable. However, I find the querying portion to be the most frustrating aspect of writing as a whole because there are far more political aspects introduced at that point.

In the future where do you hope your writing will take you? Some place where positive change has transformed the human heart in ways nothing else but words on a page could.

Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your writing journey? There has been one literary agent who exhibited so much human compassion and concern. That one agent has contributed to keeping me on my path — where I had once felt deterred. Her name is Kaylee Davis of Dee Mura Literary. She’s absolutely wonderful. Besides her, no one has influenced me more than my very own teacher and published author, Larry Strauss.

Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year? I plan to complete the Opaque trilogy, retain literary representation and continue writing diverse stories. Outside of literary aspirations, I hope to grow closer with My Creator, become healthier, stronger and travel a great deal more.

What is the biggest difference in your life post-publication? The feeling of accomplishment has opened my eyes to my own capabilities. How I view myself has changed. I finally see myself as a warrior. A gladiator. Not invincible. Just capable.

Did you have any professional help or did you write the book yourself? I wrote Opaque myself. 100,000 words in 3 weeks time (that’s been whittled down quite a bit). A lovely friend of mine (Edward Jordan III) did inspire me a great deal during the process as well as my best friend, (founder of non-profit organization, HEFFAS) LaShelle Cooper.

How much time do you spend writing? I spend anywhere from 5 to 15 hours a day writing. It depends on my other responsibilities for that particular day.

If you would like to know more about the beautiful and talented Calix you can find her at the links below.

Author Website: www.CalixLeighReign.com   Twitter: @CalixLeighReign