Misogyny, Hard to Spell, Easy to Practice

So very rarely do things piss me off to the point that I have to write a blog post about it, but I admit lately it seems like the universe is attempting to inspire me by doing just that.

Take a pretty little gander at this pile of Twitter Bullshit, would you?

I have to say something, because ladies, we have been letting this go on for far too long. The idea of a “Friend-zone” is bullshit.

When a guy likes a girl he asks her out, (or sometimes vice versa) when she says yes, he somehow feels like he is “in” like saying yes to a date means that he’s succeeded in eventually getting past the golden gate we refer to as panties.

If she says no or even makes a kind attempt at softening the blow by saying something outrageous like “That’s so nice of you but to be honest, I really just like you as a friend” somehow he feels like he is “out” and thus labels himself “Friend-zoned“.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this.

Friend Zone is a stupid misogynistic label that some ludicrous label that soft hearted emotionally stunted men came up with to make themselves feel better about being rejected. 

Literally what this man is saying is that if we decide we are not sexually interested in a man, or if we make the (fair, just and personal choice) mistake of telling a man we are not sexually, emotionally or mentally attracted to a man, but we do like them enough to keep them as friends we are somehow “playing with their heads“. In other words, Women according to this emotionally moronic heathen troll is that unless we are willing to spread our legs for every man that comes our way, we are somehow playing mind games.

Let me ask you something ladies. If you’re in a relationship, and a man says “look I know you’re with him but I’d like to date you anyways” and you say no, are you somehow playing mind games? Well no of course not because somehow according to what this ignoramus fool is saying, you have a man protecting to you, you belong to him, so you wouldn’t dare go on a date with another man right?

What exactly does he expect that we are supposed to “Give back in return“? Emotional support? Sexual pleasure at his beck and call? I am curious to know what his marriage is like because to my mind, the very fact that he feels comfortable saying such things, makes me wonder how emotionally stable he is, much less the woman who was unfortunate enough to give him children. I feel for you sister, we’re here for you if you ever want a glass of wine and a bitch session.

Does he have daughters? Will he expect that as his children grow they will be expected to “give in” when a guy decides he wants to be more than friends? What will he say to his girls when they say “Daddy a boy likes me but I just like him as a friend?” Keep in mind, this man is a father.

Here is the important thing about relationships, and it’s something anyone who reads this must truly be open to understand, are you ready?


Did I make that clear enough for you? There are a million tiny things that go into making a relationship work, the least of which is sex. Any human being by the way before you start ranting at me, who doesn’t understand the difference between sex and intimacy, really should be in counselling, and you know, maybe not having sex.

Let’s talk about his Twitter bio yeah? He claims feminists hate him. Sweetie, all rational thinking, normal, level headed humans with the use of half a brain hate you, not just feminists.

A feminist is someone who believes that all humans regardless of age, race, creed, nationality, sexy, orientation, size or color should be treated equally.

No where in the art of Feminism does it say “to make a man feel like a man, you must spread your legs“, Nor do I know any rational men who think that this is the case. Contrary to popular idiot thinking women are not given a tiny pink at birth called “How to mess with the minds of Men“. Feminism is about equality, not about one sex being treated better or above another. That my dears is the exact opposite of feminism.

My best friend of over 14 years is male, he’s also married. We’ve never had a sexual relationship, we’ve never even flirted with the idea, he’s one of the best men I know.

My mother’s very good friend is in a partnership with a lovely woman, he is a man, and neither (god I hope) he nor my mother have ever had a sexual relationship – he seems to be quite content with their friendship.

I may not have had a daddy growing up, but thanks to my mother and the amazing male friends she’s made over the years I have had the luxury of seeing how men are supposed to treat women, I’ve seen many men who love and adore their female partners and wives, without feeling they aren’t getting enough sex.

Sweetie if your main focus is that unless a woman is spreading her thighs and opening up her sacred magical vaginal tubes to you, then you need to grow up because clearly you have the mentality and emotional range of a ten year old boy.

Actually no, that’s wrong – I know ten year old boys who have more emotional range than you. Clearly there really isn’t anything I can compare to you because words haven’t been invented to describe your special brand of idiocy.

Look I’m not saying all Feminists should attack Mr. Jack Barnes, but what I am saying is that perhaps the state of Tennessee should look into his life and offer some counselling because his brand of thinking is exactly why women are too afraid to come forward when they are sexually abused and raped.

I pray that should I ever be blessed with daughters, they are lucky enough to have a father who teaches them the friend zone is a fucking myth, that their bodies belong solely to them and no one else, and that this dangerous misogynistic thinking is a time of the past.

God I Hope by the time I have children it’s a thing of the past, because until the day comes that men everywhere stop thinking they own our bodies simply because they “Have Penis will travel” I am not entirely certain I want my future children leaving the house with out kungfu lessons, armed guards and perhaps a gun of their own.

With Love,