There are Days, The world Seems Wrong

Today is one of those days.

Yesterday the sky was blue and I was seriously excited about the idea of having a date which has since been cancelled and when I turn on the news I find out that five more children have tried to end their lives in Attawapiskat.

I understand the anger, and the rage. A Lot of people in Canada think that we should leave the Tribes to their own devices, but we’ve been doing that for hundreds of years and it seems to me that things are only getting worse.

Today the world seems wrong. Not because a date I was excited about didn’t work out but because five more children have tried to kill themselves. Since September they have had over two hundred suicides or suicide attempts.

So what can we do? I mean let’s be perfectly honest here, the Tribes get millions of dollars every year from the federal government. The council members are all well taken care of, and yet in Attawapiskat they are living with water as bad as Ferguson Miss. that is causing birth defects and the kids have no hope that they will ever escape.

These beautiful kids have a list of things they would like to have provided in their town, simple things really, a youth center, a library, a movie theater, counselling programs and the chance to escape an existence that offers no hope so that they can build a future for themselves.

Their requests are things we every day Canadians take for granted every single day of our lives. In my town there are at least six movie theaters in every which direction, I’m not even sure how many libraries we have. The one thing that Surrey, BC does not have like our Attawapiskat  counterparts is a youth center.

Youth all across Canada are dying, every day. They are shooting themselves, hanging themselves, killing themselves with drugs and alcohol and booze.

When I was in my early teens I was told “Youth are the future of our country” we were inspired to be better, smarter and stronger than our adult counterparts. In my particular case my light got dimmed for a little while by years of sexual abuse, but even with all that I went through I can’t deny I had ever opportunity to do things differently, to take different paths – in my case I was far too broken to see that then, the way I can now.

When I say it’s time for Canadians to step up for the youth and families of Attawapiskat  I don’t mean by offering money, and quite frankly I also don’t just mean Attawapiskat. It is time, past time that we start remembering what it was like to be a kid, broken and lost and scared with no hope. Hormones and emotions running wild, confusion and believing that no one understands.

I don’t really give a shit about the politics of the issue, what I care about is that more than 150 child living in Attawapiskat, living all across Canada, wants to die.

Two years ago the entire world screamed “Give us back our Girls” when two hundred African girls were kidnapped from a school. Today no one gives a fuck when a bunch of Aboriginals try to commit suicide every day.

Now do yourselves a favor, just a tiny one, and ask yourself what you would do, if that were your child?

Te Amo Dolls,



5 thoughts on “There are Days, The world Seems Wrong

  1. I agree it doesn’t look like the rest of society is caring enough. I saw a post that was shared on Facebook and it was concerning these suicidal youth and writing letters to them to let them know there’s hope and someone’s thinking of them. I knew in my heart this what I needed to do so I bought a bunch of stamps and will start writing tomorrow. I’ve grown up without First Nations friends who lived in poor communities. I still remember when the first suicide happened on the reserve. It rocked our school, families, and communities I was young but I still remember the impact and sadness. I’m determined to do my best to make some difference with these Attawapiskat youth even if it’s a card in the mail box. Canada needs to help save these children and give them hope to keep living. ❤️

  2. Thank you so much I’m enlisting the help of a Mom’s group I’m in because there is power in the forces of positivity! Thank you again for your kindness my happy tears are abundant today! ❤️

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